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The Raspberries: Side 3

Review by Metal Mike Saunders, Rolling Stone, 11 October 1973

SINCE THEIR last time out, the Raspberries must have heard Blue Ash, or some vaguely threatening noises from the other side of Ohio, because a ...

Big Star: No.1 Record

Review by Bud Scoppa, Rolling Stone, 1 February 1973

In the late Sixties, a Memphis teenager named Alex Chilton won moderate fame and fortune as the lead singer for a sometimes inspired, sometimes insipid ...

Rick Derringer: All American Boy

Review by Gary Sperrazza!, Shakin' Street Gazette, June 1974

AND THE PATTERN continues: to rock music cultists, the real excitement and spotlights do not always lie with the finished product, the hit single. It ...

Ian MacDonald: The People's Music - Selected Journalism (Pimlico)

Review by Barney Hoskyns, Observer, The, July 2003

BROADLY SPEAKING there are three kinds of British rock writers: boring ones, brash ones, and genuinely bright ones. Somehow it's typical of our anti-intellectual culture ...

David Bowie: David Live (RCA)

Review by Robot A. Hull, Creem, January 1975

ERIK IMPORTS proudly presents David Blow-Up onstage doing the martian hop in Philadelphia, dazzling in ghostly radiance in his new blue suit and shedding his ...

Nicky Hopkins: The Tin Man Was a Dreamer

Review by Bud Scoppa, Rolling Stone, 7 June 1973

NICKY HOPKINS has gone into his first solo project in as careful and organized a manner as he goes into the studio to work on ...

Grand Funk Railroad: All The Girls In The World Beware

Review by Ken Barnes, Rolling Stone, 27 March 1975

IT'S A MEASURE OF Grand Funk's less than overwhelming critical acceptance that the chief topic of interest for most reviewers has been the band's current ...

The Isley Brothers: It's Your Thing: The Story of the Isley Brothers (Epic) *****

Review by Tom Cox, Guardian, The, 19 November 1999

THE MOST DEFINITIVE summation of The Isley Brothers' career so far begins not with a song but a real, live shriek. ...

Van Halen: Diver Down (Warner Bros.)

Review by Jeffrey Morgan, Creem, August 1982

NOT ONLY IS this album an insult to the average consumer who will have to pay upwards of ten dollars for it, it is an ...

Frank Zappa: Zoot Allures

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, NME, 11 December 1976

THIS ALBUM is neither Bizarre nor DiscReet, but that's neither here nor there. ...

Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell

Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 21 January 1978

GARAGE BANDS. Despite all their virtues, and even though groups like Yes and Uriah Heep are pretty convincing arguments against technology and heavy metal respectively, ...

Iggy Pop: Iggy And The Stooges: Raw Power

Review by Paul Lester, Uncut, June 1997

LOOK OUT, honey, cos they're using technology. Or rather, remixer Iggy Pop is.  ...

XTC: Reissues

Review by Kit Aiken, Uncut, June 2001

Their Virgin albums 1978-1991, digitally remastered and available either as limited edition Japanese-import miniatures or full-artwork, extra-tracks British releases ...

Felix Cavaliere: Destiny

Review by Max Bell, NME, 27 September 1975

BACK IN 1965 there was this group called the Young Rascals who, along with Vanilla Fudge and the Lovin' Spoonful, formed the big "New York ...

XTC: Oranges and Lemons (Geffen)****

Review by Michael Azerrad, Rolling Stone, 23 March 1989

XTC's Paternal Power Pop ...

Patti Smith: Outside Society – Greatest Hits

Review by David Hepworth, Word, The, September 2011

Patti Smith wouldn't thank you for calling her a pop star. In fact, there's no higher praise — as this compilation attests. ...

Jimi Tenor: Out Of Nowhere (Warp)

Review by Ian Penman, Wire, The, September 2000

SOMETIMES YOU just need a Song: one that makes you feel electric angels are sitting on your shoulder and whispering arcane formulae of timeless Passion ...

Tom Robinson Band: TRB Two

Review by Paul Morley, NME, 10 March 1979

THIS IS the diligently prepared and acutely-self conscious follow-up to that shaky first collection which naturally ended everyone's excited and premature self-congratulation over a singularly ...

Utopia: Todd Rundgren's Utopia

Review by Ian MacDonald, NME, 12 October 1974

OF THE presumably few people who ignored the charges of self-indulgence and pretentiousness generally levelled at Rundgren's last effort (the double-album Todd) and, despite everything, ...

Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Welcome to the Pleasure Dome

Review by Richard Cook, NME, 3 November 1984

IT IS, of course, brilliant. And nothing more so than the last glittering shards, the final breaths taken in this pleasure dome. ...

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