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David Bowie, Fumble: David Bowie & the Spiders from Mars: Radio City Music Hall, New York NY

Live Review by Dan Nooger, The Village Voice, 22 February 1973

THE BEST that New York had to offer came out in the rain to witness David Bowie's triumphant return last Wednesday. No less a personage ...

David Bowie: David Live (RCA)

Review by Robot A. Hull, Creem, January 1975

ERIK IMPORTS proudly presents David Blow-Up onstage doing the martian hop in Philadelphia, dazzling in ghostly radiance in his new blue suit and shedding his ...

David Bowie: Bowie In America 1972/73

Retrospective by Ian Gittins, MOJO, January 2007

MORE THAN 30 years after the event, Ziggy Stardust remains one of the most inventive and flamboyant productions in rock history. Yet when Bowie took ...

David Bowie: King Queen or Joker?

Overview by David Hancock, National RockStar, 22 January 1977

David Bowie is the Black Paper Between the Mirror. ...


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