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Todd Rundgren

Grand Funk Railroad's Don Brewer (2004)

Interview by Carl Wiser, Songfacts, 2004

Grand Funk sticksman Don Brewer talks about mega-hit 'We're An American Band', choosing cover versions, and being produced by Todd Rundgren and Frank Zappa.

File format: mp3; file size: 10.2mb, interview length: 22' 11" sound quality: * (phoner)

Grand Funk Railroad: Isn't Life Grand!

Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 10 November 1973

THEY said it would never happen. ...

Grand Funk Railroad: All The Girls In The World Beware

Review by Ken Barnes, Rolling Stone, 27 March 1975

IT'S A MEASURE OF Grand Funk's less than overwhelming critical acceptance that the chief topic of interest for most reviewers has been the band's current ...

Grand Funk Railroad: Funk Revival: An Interview with Mark Farner

Interview by Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press, 19 March 1998

IT'S EASY TO forget now just how huge Grand Funk Railroad was during its '70s heyday. ...

Grand Funk Railroad: We're an American Band

Retrospective by Lenny Kaye, History of Rock, The, 1983

If there was any group that polarised rock opinion, it was the blunt, effective power trio, Grand Funk railroad. Bypassing the ruling elite of 'progressive' ...

Grand Funk Railroad: Funk On A Grand Scale

Report and Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 4 May 1974

RINGING EARS are a symptom of excessive listening to loud rock and roll. When the ears tingle after a gig, you know the band in ...

Grand Funk Railroad: Grand Funk: Super Patriots Come Clean And Still Manage To Till Some Dirt

Interview by Jaan Uhelszki, Creem, July 1975

You're just hangin' out In the local bar And you're wonderin' who in the hell you are Are you a farmer? Are you a star? ...

Grand Funk Railroad: The Band that Killed Rock 'n' Roll

Essay by Ira Robbins,, 10 April 2000

AMONG CULTURAL HISTORIANS, it has long been an article of faith that the '60s dream died in an ugly bar fight at Altamont Speedway in ...

Grand Funk Railroad: Hot Rails To Hell

Retrospective and Interview by Dave DiMartino, MOJO, October 2003

They were America's biggest band. Live they outsold The Beatles. Then they sued their manager. Dave DiMartino charts the remarkable highs and ridiculous lows of ...

Grand Funk Railroad: 'I Know You'll Get To Like It If You Give It A Chance Now'

Profile and Interview by Greg Shaw, Phonograph Record, 1 April 1974

A BRISK, ICY WIND was blowing through the overcast skies of Flint, Michigan as the members of Grand Funk Railroad arrived at Whiting Auditorium for ...

Grand Funk Railroad: Get The Funk Out

Retrospective and Interview by Pete Makowski, Classic Rock, October 2005

WHO THE hell are Grand Funk Railroad? More to the point, why should we even care who they are? These are pertinent questions for any ...

Grand Funk Railroad: Still In A Grand Funk: How The Boys From Flint Exploded, Imploded & Still Haven't Patched Things Up

Retrospective and Interview by Fred Mills, Detroit Metro Times, 14 August 2002

IT'S A SUNNY spring morning in the Motor City but the wind whipping across the Detroit River makes it feel a lot more like winter. ...


Artists matching search criteria

Todd Rundgren

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