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Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren: The Roxy, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 10 June 1978

WHATEVER THE reasons might be, Todd Rundgren is back. That is, Todd Rundgren the pop singer/guitar singer as opposed to the Utopian pyramid-freak. ...

Todd Rundgren: A Wizard, A True Star (Bearsville)

Review by Jerry Gilbert, Sounds, 14 April 1973

A MAZE. A truly amazing album. That might well have been the subtitle of this latest excursion into the land of magic from henna-haired hero ...

Judee Sill: Heart Food

Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 22 April 1978

"AN EXORCISM of low-riding smack-shooting ghosts" was how Rolling Stone described Judee Sill's life, in issue 106/April '72 it was. Interestingly enough, that same issue ...

New Barbarians: Knebworth Festival, Hertfordshire

Live Review by Peter Silverton, Sounds, 18 August 1979

ROCK AND ROLL having as it does sod all to do with music and a whole lot to do with sex and drugs (even to ...

Meat Loaf: The Roxy, Los Angeles

Live Review by Sylvie Simmons, Sounds, 14 January 1978

Ingredients:Meat Loaf (around 250lbs) from Dallas, Texas; lead singer with Ted Nugent on platinum album Free For All; monster-singer Eddie with half a brain in ...

Meat Loaf: Rock 'N' Roll In Gothic Panavision

Interview by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 1 April 1978

Meat Loaf are… "the best visionary, over-the-top hard rock band since Blue Oyster Cult," gasps Sandy Robertson ...

Linda Ronstadt: Living In The U.S.A.

Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 7 October 1978

HI AGAIN. It's only me and this is only another Linda Ronstadt review. The words 'rock and roll' are used in the ads for this ...

Great Speckled Bird: The Great Speckled Bird Flies Alone

Profile and Interview by Jerry Gilbert, Sounds, 24 January 1976

THE GREAT Speckled Bird, Canada's most underrated and misjudged supergroup, lives. The original band with Amos Garrett, Buddy Cage and so on have long gone ...

Pat Travers: Rock Lobster

Report and Interview by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 5 April 1980

THIS ONE can talk. He'll talk abut anything you care to mention or that wanders into his apres-gig mind, be it his bisexual pedigree dog, ...

Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell

Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 21 January 1978

GARAGE BANDS. Despite all their virtues, and even though groups like Yes and Uriah Heep are pretty convincing arguments against technology and heavy metal respectively, ...

Kate Bush: The Perfumed Garden Of Good And Evil

Live Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 14 April 1979

DID YOU EVER visit some distant relative for tea and cakes, and as a postscript have to sit through the "party piece" of their little ...

Patti Smith: Part Woman, Part Black, Part Genius, Part Idiot...

Profile and Interview by Mick Brown, Sounds, 26 April 1975

PATTI SMITH might have been a star last year, but the top side of her first single seemed to have the word 'piss' in every ...

Fanny: The Crossroads Are Where Fanny Are At

Interview by Penny Valentine, Sounds, 24 February 1973

ALL RIGHT. So Fanny can play with due competence, can pull in and please the crowds, make chunky representative albums and they've got over the ...

XTC: Andy Partridge, Pop's Dan Archer

Interview by Roy Wilkinson, Sounds, 11 October 1986

An everyday story of pop music folk. Nine years on and XTC are still waiting to break it big in the USA. Their noise used ...

Steve Hillage: Watch Out There's A Concept About

Interview by Mick Brown, Sounds, 9 October 1976

IT WAS instant karma out to get me. The sound of one hand clapping – so fast you can't even hear it. We had been ...

Led Zeppelin: Close The Door, Put The Light Out… Led Zeppelin: In Through The Out Door (Swan Song)

Review by Geoff Barton, Sounds, 1 September 1979

YOU'RE PROBABLY not interested in our problems, but I think an explanation is in order as to why Sounds is carrying a review of the ...

Jesse Winchester: Exile on Main Street

Profile and Interview by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, 5 June 1976

Giovanni Dadomo releases his frustrations to tell you all about Jesse Winchester ...

Sparks: Come Into Marks And Sparks

Interview by Pete Makowski, Sounds, 1 June 1974

LOOK AT those two, aren't they cute? Who are they? Why they're the Mael Brothers. You know, Ronnie's the one who looks like a crossbreed ...

David Johansen, New York Dolls: Funky (But Chic): David Johansen At Point Blank

Interview by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 2 December 1978

RIGHT BETWEEN the eyes, pilgrim. Yeah, he does look like Lee Marvin. In walks the supposed progenitor of all this punko nonsense, ex-New York Doll ...

Joe Jackson: Is She Really Going Out With Him?

Report and Interview by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 13 October 1979

HURRAH'S IS, for the moment, the in-crowd club in New York's rock circle, having taken over the limelight from CBGB and Max's. Those who seem ...


Artists matching search criteria

Todd Rundgren

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