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Daniel Johnston: An Outsider's Songs of Pain and Longing: Daniel Johnston

Report and Interview by Chris Campion, Daily Telegraph, 3 July 2003

LOCKED ON his own in an Xfm recording booth, Daniel Johnston casually flips through the weathered ring binder that holds his songbook and begins to ...

Manic Street Preachers

Report and Interview by Stephen Dalton, Venue , October 2010

PRICKLY, POLEMICAL, poetic provocateurs in love with lofty ideals and lost causes, the Manic Street Preachers are one of Britrock's longest-running soap operas. ...

Doing justice to Smash Hits

Report and Interview by Caitlin Moran, Times, The, 21 February 2005

The once-great tongue-in-cheek music press has gone, but its spirit lives on. ...

Sonic Youth: All Tomorrow's Parties: A Festival That Pops With Edge

Report and Interview by Marc Weingarten, Los Angeles Times, 13 March 2002

UCLA's ambitious All Tomorrow's Parties fest, curated by avant-rockers Sonic Youth, embraces the underground. ...

Victor Jara

Report and Interview by Andrew Tyler, NME, 4 October 1975

VICTOR JARA sang songs for the people of Chile. In 1973, in the Santiago boxing stadium, a soldier cut off Jara's fingers before six thousand ...

Art of Noise, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Propaganda: ZTT: The Morley & Horn Show present How To Make A Spectacle of Yourself

Report and Interview by Barney Hoskyns, NME, 13 October 1984

The first year of ZTT has been a spectacular success with Frankie Goes To Hollywood singles 'Relax' and 'Two Tribes' becoming respectively the fourth and ...

Genesis: The Future of Rock Theatre

Report and Interview by Ron Ross, Phonograph Record, February 1975

THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON BROADWAY is a short story that comprises no fewer than 48 different plot movements, and a stage show with 3000 ...

Jefferson Starship: Grace Slick's Superstarship

Report and Interview by Miles, NME, 17 June 1978

Planet minders turn platinum miners ...

Pete Wylie, Wah!: The Story of the Wylie

Report and Interview by Neil Tennant, Smash Hits, 20 January 1983

THE WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON run-through for Top Of The Pops is a chaotic affair. In front of one of the three stages in the studio, a ...

Scissor Sisters: Fun with Filth: Scissor Sisters

Report and Interview by Paul Lester, Guardian, The, 9 January 2004

They come from New York's shock art scene and they write songs about drugs, drag queens and cruising. Paul Lester meets clubland's hottest new act, ...

Slade in the USA

Report and Interview by Keith Altham, NME, 2 June 1973

Will Slade break America or will America break Slade – that was the question being resolved by the Noddy Holder Experience as they ...

Steeleye Span Versus The Time Warp

Report and Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, NME, 10 March 1973

SOUND TECHNIQUES studios in Chelsea is not exactly the most luxurious of settings for musical activity. Boards, speakers and tape reels are scattered fairly haphazardly ...

Tina Turner: The Long Goodbye

Report and Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, Q, April 1988

THE BIGGEST FOOTBALL stadium in the world is the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro: a big game such as a World Cup Final can pack ...

Deaf School: Putting On The Agony, Putting On The Style

Report and Interview by Barbara Charone, Sounds, 30 July 1977

EVEN LA HAD never seen anything quite like them. Deaf School that is. A very British group who really have nothing to do with punk ...

Ultravox: Vee Hav Vays Of Makink You Experiment

Report and Interview by Miles, NME, 2 September 1978

Unfortunately, this piece is not about Germans. It's about ULTRAVOX. However, it does take place in Germany. Will that do? ...

TV on the Radio: TV On The Radio's Curse

Report and Interview by Andrew Purcell, Big Takeover, The, 12 October 2009

TV ON THE RADIO are victims of their own success. After three albums, they are indisputably the most critically adored band in the western world, ...

Devo: The Return of Devo

Report and Interview by Stephen Dalton, Times, The, June 2010

FOUR DECADES SINCE Devo first donned their matching overalls and began their assault on the pop mainstream, America's original disco-rock Dadaists are back. ...

Edgar Winter: How Winter Went Glam and Created A Frankenstein Monster

Report and Interview by Loraine Alterman, Melody Maker, 30 June 1973

EDGAR WINTER, his wife and his band live in a 13-bedroom white clapboard mansion at Sands Point, overlooking Long Island Sound. 30,000 dollars a year ...

Duffo, Ivor Biggun, Lurkers, The, Tubeway Army: Beggars Banquet: Where Taste is a Dirty Word

Report and Interview by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, 31 March 1979

Nick Austin and Martin Mills are the perpetrators of Duffo, Ivor Biggun and the Lurkers. They may have traded in their Jags for Cortinas. but ...

The Noisettes: "We've come to clean up the indie landfill"

Report and Interview by Paul Lester, Guardian, The, 17 April 2009

NOISETTES ARE in a TV studio just outside Paris – along with the Sugarhill Gang and singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman. They are just some of the ...

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