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Cassius Clay: Clay Wins: Columbia Swings

Report by uncredited writer, Billboard, 7 March 1964

NEW YORK — The upset victory of Cassius Clay over Sonny Liston for the heavyweight boxing championship last week (25) also upset the operational procedures ...

The Chipmunks: He Is Those Chipmunks

Interview by Maureen Cleave, San Francisco Examiner, The, 29 November 1964

Ross Bagdasarian's Electronic Creatures Are Vastly Real ...

The New Vaudeville Band: Band Plays, But Didn't Cut 'Cathedral'

Profile and Interview by Rochelle Reed, KRLA Beat, 31 December 1966

DID YOU SEE the New Vaudeville Band on television? Or maybe catch a personal appearance? ...

Disco-Tex and his Sex-O-Lettes: Disco Tex: Boogoo Boogoo to Choo

Interview by David Hancock, Record Mirror, 24 May 1975

Sir Monti talks to David Hancock ...

C.W. McCall: Wilderness (Polydor)

Review by Richard Riegel, Creem, July 1976

LET'S FACE it. 'Convoy' was probably the one moment of pure inspiration C.W. McCall's adcopy-blighted brain will ever enjoy, and those fans hoping for a ...

Meri Wilson: Have you checked out your Telephone Man recently? MERI WILSON has — and she's never looked back

Interview by Robin Katz, Record Mirror, 1 October 1977

"I'VE BEEN singing 'Telephone Man' for years," explained a very chatty Meri Wilson in a flirtatious southern lilt. ...

Jive Bunny: Where are they now? Jive Bunny

Interview by Martin Aston, Q, May 1997

The guy who works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis. And the woman on the M&S tights counter might well be Tanita Tikaram. ...

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