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Anne Moore

Anne Moore

Anne Moore started writing about the crazies of rock 'n' roll during her first year in college (when that was she refuses to tell us). But it was early enough to see and interview many of the great rockers from the so-called "classic" era and to even spend the "summer of love" in swinging London. During this period Anne wrote for World Countdown, Teen Screen, FaVE, Phonograph Record Magazine, CREEM, LA Image, Fusion, Concert, The Los Angeles Free Press and dozens of other publications.

Anne parlayed her eclectic knowledge of the music scene to a job at United Artist/Liberty Records as their National Director of College Promotion and traveled all over the United States for the company. Later she worked in PR for several European groups and local LA bands, from Blue Swede to the Hollywood Stars and Zolar X.

At the moment, Anne is writing more about TV and movie stars then music and musicians, primarily for European magazines. She is also beginning a mystery novel, which has nothing to do about music... at least not yet.

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David Ackles: The Troubadour, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Anne Moore, Phonograph Record, September 1970

Ackles Intellectual ...

Brownsville Station

Interview by Anne Moore, Los Angeles Free Press, 10 May 1974

'Smokin' In the Boys Room' is the first hit for an audacious group by the name of Brownsville Station. Thankfully, Brownsville isn't just another commercial, ...

Captain Beyond

Profile and Interview by Anne Moore, Daily Planet (Miami, Florida), 15 March 1973

CAPTAIN NEGATIVE, better known to his fearless friends as Larry "Rhino" Reinhart, had come up with an incredible name for a rock group – Captain ...

Jackie DeShannon: Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Anne Moore, Phonograph Record, September 1970

DeShannon Shines ...

The Doors: Column: Around About, And Then Some

Report by Anne Moore, World Countdown News, 13 June 1969

I HAVE JUST attended a happening, one that in a year or less will become another legend in the cycle of Jim Morrison. The event ...

Genesis: Evolution & Revelation

Profile and Interview by Anne Moore, Valley Advocate, 17 April 1974

GENESIS IS the perfect combination/blend of rock, theatrical production and intelligent literary comment. Genesis is also a five man group from London, England. Their popularity ...

Gentle Giant: Santa Monica Civic, Los Angeles

Live Review by Anne Moore, Los Angeles Free Press, 28 February 1975

AFTER SIX ALBUMS and three national tours, Gentle Giant has finally made it to headline concert status. Sure, they played the Whisky to sell-out crowds ...

George Harrison On Tour – Press Conference Q&A

Report and Interview by Anne Moore, Valley Advocate, 13 November 1974

YOU ARE invited to a George Harrison press conference! Well, that's what the invitation said. A press conference to discuss Dark Horse Records and Harrison's ...

New York Dolls: Oh, Those New York Dolls

Report and Interview by Anne Moore, Valley Advocate, 3 October 1973

LOS ANGELES – The New York Dolls are waiting to play a gig. The dressing room is crowded with well-wishers, friends, and groupies, this generation's ...

New York Dolls: N.Y. Dolls Real Teen-Age Rock And Roll Band

Interview by Anne Moore, Los Angeles Free Press, 7 September 1973

THE NEW YORK Dolls finally arrived in Los Angeles. Aside from an abundance of street talk, little is know of them except that they are ...

Emitt Rhodes

Interview by Anne Moore, Metropolitan Review , November 1971

EMITT RHODES is a one man band-singer-composer-producer. He does everything on his own terms, controlling his creativity as few artists in the business have ever ...

Leo Sayer: Very Much Myself

Interview by Anne Moore, Los Angeles Free Press, 16 May 1975

Leo Sayer, to some, is just a hit songwriter – and if that isn't enough, – sometime singer of his own songs. Leo Sayer is ...


Profile and Interview by Anne Moore, Los Angeles Free Press, 23 November 1973

AS STREET TALK goes, Slade doesn't have the greatest reputations. It is admitted they are one of the better non-Bowieish-type rock groups to come out ...

Slade May Make It Yet

Interview by Anne Moore, Valley Advocate, 20 March 1974

THE ROLLING STONES of the 70s or working-class slobs, that's what Slade are usually called. Both are apt descriptions of Slade. It merely depends on ...

Slade: Dave Hill...King Of The Stompers

Interview by Anne Moore, Fan, July 1974

SLADE HAS come a long way since their early skinhead days. Yet to this world-famous group everything they have done in the past, all those ...

Status Quo In The U.S.: 'Matchstick Men' Make Good

Interview by Anne Moore, Los Angeles Free Press, 18 May 1973

STATUS QUO arrived from England early this summer week for the first part of their American tour. They settled in quietly at their hotel, sensibly ...

The Stooges: Stooges Storm Sin City

Live Review by Anne Moore, Creem, July 1970

(While the Stooges were out on the West Coast to do their second album, they decided to play a couple of gigs. The first was ...

Yes Take a Break

Report and Interview by Anne Moore, Music Scene, July 1974

NOT THAT there seems much chance of their being forgotten, what with the success of Tales From Topographic Oceans and everyone's current enthusiasm for Rick ...

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