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Debbie Kruger

Debbie Kruger

Debbie Kruger hails from Australia, has worked in the UK and now lives in the United States, drawn to finally move permanently to Los Angeles because of her love for California’s classic rock. A staff writer for showbiz bible VARIETY for four years, Debbie's freelance writing has been published in Australia's leading newspapers, as well as GOLDMINE, PERFORMING SONGWRITER and various other international magazines. Her first book, SONGWRITERS SPEAK, was published in 2005 to great acclaim. Debbie is also an in-demand entertainment PR consultant, her many roles including leading communications for the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) and heading publicity campaigns for international music and film festivals. Debbie has conducted numerous oral history interviews for the Australian National Film & Sound Archive. For six years she broadcast her own radio show and has been a frequent commentator about music on radio and television.

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Paul McCartney: Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool

Live Review by Debbie Kruger, Vogue Australia, November 1991

THE CRITICS WERE cool, the public baffled, but for Paul McCartney his first "church gig" could only be seen as a success. Now the public ...

Chicago, Crosby Stills and Nash, The Eagles: Oldies But Goodies: The Eagles, Chicago, Crosby Stills & Nash

Essay by Debbie Kruger, Weekend Australian, 7 March 1998

GROUPS SUCH AS the Eagles, Chicago and Crosby Stills & Nash sold millions of records here in their heydey – the Eagles still do – ...

Roger McGuinn: Byrds Man Waits His Turn Turn Turn

Interview by Debbie Kruger, The Courier Mail, 9 April 1998

HEROES AREN'T ALWAYS hard to find. Roger McGuinn, founding member of seminal '60s group The Byrds, seems to make a career these days of being ...

Linda Ronstadt: The Linda Ronstadt Interview: Tucson, Arizona, 17 June 1998

Interview by Debbie Kruger, unpublished, June 1998

DK: You are a performer who has covered the most diverse range of genres in popular music, and they are all listed on your bio ...

Linda Ronstadt: Everlasting Linda

Profile and Interview by Debbie Kruger, Weekend Australian, 18 July 1998

IT'S SUMMER IN TUCSON, around 38° C, and Linda Ronstadt is sanguine about the waterlilies sprouting in her pond. The rest of the grounds are ...

J. D. Souther: J D Souther

Profile and Interview by Debbie Kruger, Goldmine, 9 October 1998

John David Souther is a wary man. For most of his 30-year career the Los Angeles-based songwriter and performer, whose musical compeers include the Eagles, ...

Crosby Stills Nash & Young: Crosby Stills Nash and Young: Looking Forward in Y2K

Interview by Debbie Kruger, unpublished, 1999

GRAHAM NASH IS by nature an ebullient man, but maybe this time he went too far. Such was the anticipation of the long-awaited new Crosby ...

Beth Nielsen Chapman: The Lightness of Being Beth Nielsen Chapman

Interview by Debbie Kruger, Performing Songwriter, September 1999

WHAT STRIKES YOU first about Beth Nielsen Chapman, and then again repeatedly on further meetings, is her lightness. She is a woman who has been ...

Eddi Reader

Interview by Debbie Kruger, Performing Songwriter, March 2000

EDDI READER ready to do it alone. After a decade of drawing heavily on collaborations with other writers, she realizes it's okay – in fact ...

Chicago: 34 years and Counting

Profile and Interview by Debbie Kruger, Goldmine, 16 June 2000

"With this album, we dedicate ourselves, our futures and our energies to the people of the revolution... And the revolution in all of its forms."So ...

Kasey Chambers

Interview by Debbie Kruger, Performing Songwriter, December 2000

IT'S A LINE so stark in its humility that it has some American reviewers looking for irony and missing the point altogether. ...

Little River Band

Profile and Interview by Debbie Kruger, Melbourne Weekly, 6 July 2003

RARELY HAVE A BAND'S song titles told the story so well: consider 'It's a Long Way There', 'Reminiscing' and 'Help is on its Way'. It's ...

Nick Cave: The Songwriter Speaks

Interview by Debbie Kruger, Weekend Australian, 30 July 2005

Writer Debbie Kruger spoke to the biggest names in Australian music for her new book Songwriters Speak. In this exclusive extract, Nick Cave explains why ...

The Eagles: Birds Of Pray

Report by Debbie Kruger, Rhythms, June 2013

The London press conference for the release of History Of The Eagles reveals that the band will return to Australia. Again. ...

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