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John Sinclair

John Sinclair

John Sinclair was the manager of the MC5 and the leader of Detroit's White Panther Party. He is the author of Guitar Army and was the editor of Blues Access in the late 1990s.

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Art Ensemble of Chicago: Ancient to the Future

Profile by John Sinclair, Detroit Metro Times, October 1988

A SMALL ARMY of instruments is what you see first – an entire stage full of saxophones, drums, gongs, percussion implements of every description, bicycle ...

Junior Kimbrough, Mississippi Fred McDowell, North Mississippi Allstars, R.L. Burnside: North Mississippi Hill Country Blues

Overview by John Sinclair, Honest Tune, Spring 2005

WHEN YOU hear the word "blues" you're bound to think of Mississippi. The phrase "Mississippi blues" leads at once to thoughts of Clarksdale and Greenwood ...

Dr. John Comes Clean: Kicking Dope & Taking Names

Interview by John Sinclair, Offbeat, 1994

John Sinclair: First things first: everybody wants to know who did your hair for the record cover of Television? ...

Dr. John: Wade In The Water: Dr. John Weathers the Flood

Interview by John Sinclair, Honest Tune, 2006

THERE IS no native son of New Orleans more fiercely native than Mac Rebennack, known professionally now for almost 40 years as Dr. John. ...

Robert Lockwood Jr.: Blues From The Delta

Profile by John Sinclair, Detroit Metro Times, Summer 1990

THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA, that fertile strip of silt-rich land stretching south from Memphis to Jackson on the east and Vicksburg on the river, has for ...

John Mayall, MC5, Traffic: Rock and Roll Dope #6

Comment by John Sinclair, Fifth Estate, 15 August 1968

NOW THAT things have cooled down a little for the MC5 and myself after all the excitement of recent weeks maybe I can get into ...

MC5: DKT/MC5: The Truest Possible Testimonial

Report by John Sinclair, Detroit Metro Times, 9 June 2004

IT'S BEEN MORE than 10 years since Wayne Kramer, Michael Davis and Dennis Thompson took the stage together in Detroit at Rob Tyner's memorial concert ...

MC5: Rock & Roll Dope #2

Report by John Sinclair, Fifth Estate, 19 June 1968

A STRANGE polarization (or maybe it's a natural one) seems to be happening with rock and roll fans right now, with white teen-age audiences turning ...

MC5: Rock & Roll Dope #3

Report by John Sinclair, Fifth Estate, 4 July 1968

I PROMISED you when I started this column that I'd take you behind the scenes in the rock and roll industry so you can see ...

MC5: Rock & Roll Dope #4

Report by John Sinclair, Fifth Estate, 18 July 1968

IN THE past two weeks since the last issue of this paper a bunch of new developments have taken place: Almost every job for the ...

MC5: Rock & Roll Dope #5

Report by John Sinclair, Fifth Estate, 1 August 1968

Poet-MC5 manager John Sinclair and MC5 guitarist Fred Smith were brutally assaulted, beaten, MACEd, and arrested by members of the National Security Police, the Oakland ...

MC5: The MC5: How the Jams Were Kicked Out!

Retrospective by John Sinclair, ZigZag, July 1977

In Britain, the MC5 are now far more popular than they ever were in their heyday – a fact which has prompted the recent re-release ...

MC5: An Interview with Rob Tyner

Interview by John Sinclair, Warren-Forest Sun, The, May 1967

The following interview with ROBIN TYNER, the lead singer of the MC5, the major Detroit avant-rock band, was recorded by JOHN SINCLAIR in the first ...

MC5: The MC5 is a Whole Thing

Press Release by John Sinclair, Countdown, 1970

THERE IS NO way to get at the music without taking the whole context of the music too – there is no separation. We say ...

MC5: The MC5 Set List

Overview by John Sinclair, Rolling Stone, 4 January 1969

Here is a typical MC5 program, as performed at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit. As well as serving as notes for "an evening recital of ...

Sun Ra And His Myth-Science Arkestra

Profile and Interview by John Sinclair, Creem, November 1972

If you find earth bor-ingJust the same old same thing –If you find earth bor-ingJust the same old same thing – Come on, sign up ...

Irma Thomas: An Audience With The Soul Queen Of New Orleans

Interview by John Sinclair, Blues Access, Spring 2000

AS HER lengthy reign as the Soul Queen of New Orleans extends into the 21st century, the great Irma Thomas continues to grow as an ...

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