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Marc Weingarten

Marc Weingarten

Marc Weingarten is a freelance writer in Los Angeles who writes for the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Observer and Slate. A contributing writer for San Francisco Magazine, Weingarten's first book STATION TO STATION: THE HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL ON TELEVISION was an LA Times bestseller and a finalist for the 2000 Ralph J. Gleason award for best music book of the year. 

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4 Hero, Talvin Singh: Talvin Singh: O.K. (Talking Loud/Mercury); 4 Hero: Two Pages (Island)

Review by Marc Weingarten, Vibe, November 1998

Is electronic music turning into the underground equivalent of New Age music? ...

Beck: El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles

Live Review by Marc Weingarten, MOJO, January 1998

BECK MAY be Modern Rock's master ironist, but he takes his roots music very seriously. They're just very gnarled roots, is all. ...

Ben Folds Five: MOJO Rising: Ben Folds Five

Report and Interview by Marc Weingarten, MOJO, June 1996

THERE ARE ROUGHLY two kinds of pop musician: two-bit hacks who try to squeeze everything they can out of hokey harmonies and three threadbare chords ...

Björk, Todd Rundgren: Déjà Entendu: Björk

Comment by Marc Weingarten,, September 2004

BJÖRK HAS A KNACK for making records that don't sound like anyone else's. With each new offering—from 1993's Debut, an album that roamed freely through ...

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Krayzie Bone: Krayzie Bone: Bone Thug, Not Boneheaded

Interview by Marc Weingarten, Vibe, May 1999

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's Krayzie Bone isn't all that bananas. Especially when it's time to make moves that make serious dollars and much sense. ...

Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, James Brown: Bootsy Collins on Bootsy Collins

Interview by Marc Weingarten, MOJO, April 1998

‘Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine’James Brown (King single, 1970) ...

Jerry Cantrell Unchained

Interview by Marc Weingarten, Guitar World, June 1998

JERRY CANTRELL is sitting in the breakfast room of New York City's Rhiga Royal Hotel, inspecting the cover art for the vinyl version of his ...

Leonard Cohen's Troubles May Be a Theme Come True

Report by Marc Weingarten, New York Times, The, October 2005

Betrayal and bitterness have been running themes in Leonard Cohen's work ever since Songs of Leonard Cohen, the Canadian singer-songwriter's debut album, appeared in 1968. ...

DJ Spooky, UNKLE: UNKLE: Psyence Fiction (Mo'Wax/London); DJ Spooky: Riddim Warfare (Outpost)

Review by Marc Weingarten, Vibe, October 1998

IF HOP HOP has (traditionally) functioned as a vehicle for moving butts, then DJ Spooky and DJ Shadow are two wigged-out wallflowers out on its ...

Everlast: House of Blues

Profile and Interview by Marc Weingarten, Vibe, April 1999

Having survived the end of his group, a coronary attack, and open-heart surgery, Eric "Everlast" Schrody scores big with a honky-tonk rock 'n' rap record. ...

Grateful Dead: A Long, Staid Trip: How Deadheads ruined the Grateful Dead

Book Review by Marc Weingarten,, August 2002

"THERE IS nothing like a Grateful Dead Concert," the old bumper stickers read. After attending my first 10 Dead shows, I soon realized this wasn't ...

Charlie Haden: Home Bass

Interview by Marc Weingarten, MOJO, September 1995

CHARLIE HADEN — bassist in Ornette Coleman's epochal late '50s quartet and former leader of the politically charged Liberation Orchestra — has spawned some mighty ...

Husker Du, The Jayhawks, The Replacements, Soul Asylum: The Minneapolis Scene: Left Of The Dial

Overview by Marc Weingarten, Guitar World, August 1995

In the early Eighties, Hüsker Dü, The Replacements and a handful of other scruffy Minneapolis bands forged what is now known as indie rock. This ...

Jane's Addiction: Strays

Review by Marc Weingarten, Entertainment Weekly, July 2003

A DECADE AGO, Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell was one of rock's beloved oddballs. With his bodices and feather boas, his neo-pagan notions of earth ...

Nelly: Nellyville

Review by Marc Weingarten,, June 2002

Nelly's Confusion: Is the rapper a preacher or a party animal? Don't ask him. ...

The Olivia Tremor Control: Black Foliage: Animation Music by the Olivia Tremor Control (Flydaddy)

Review by Marc Weingarten, Spin, April 1999

IF APPLES in Stereo are the Elephant 6 movement's white-gloved archivists, and Neutral Milk Hotel are the resident primitive surrealists, then the Olivia Tremor Control ...

Elvis Presley: The Great Late Elvis: Taking Vegas-era Elvis seriously

Comment by Marc Weingarten,, August 2001

WHEN IT COMES TO the late-period Elvis — you know, the one that played the best rooms in Las Vegas and ate far too many ...

Prince, Wendy And Lisa: Prince: The Purple Gang

Retrospective and Interview by Marc Weingarten, MOJO, February 1997

Outside the studio he was reticent. Inside he became the most ambitious, audacious auteur of the '80s. Marc Weingarten talks to his key collaborators to ...

Rocket from the Crypt: Rocket From The Crypt

Report and Interview by Marc Weingarten, Rolling Stone, February 1996

ALTHOUGH SAN DIEGO's Ocean Beach is just a five-minute car ride from Sea World, it's highly unlikely that any of the amusement park's Shamu-ogling tourists ...

Screaming Trees: Stranger Than Fiction

Interview by Marc Weingarten, Request, August 1996

The members of Screaming Trees get very little enjoyment but plenty of good music out of being in a band together. ...

Semisonic: Feeling Strangely Successful – At Last

Report and Interview by Marc Weingarten, MOJO, February 1999

DAN WILSON received a hostile email late last year. "It was from a fan in Minneapolis who was basically writing to tell me it's all ...

Sparta: Recharged and Ready

Report and Interview by Marc Weingarten, Los Angeles Times, August 2002

Last year, Jim Ward and his cohorts in At the Drive-In did the unthinkable: They broke up a successful band. After seven years and on ...

Scott Weiland: The Man Who Fell To Earth

Profile and Interview by Marc Weingarten, Request, April 1998

AFTER A SIX-YEAR battle with heroin addiction and two stints in rehab, Scott Weiland, frontman for Stone Temple Pilots and would-be solo artist, is in ...

Wu-Tang Clan Take L.A. On New Album

Interview by Marc Weingarten, Rolling Stone, August 2000

In the studio with the Wu-Tang Clan ...

Neil Young: Bio Warfare: Why did Neil Young try to squelch Shakey?

Comment by Marc Weingarten,, May 2002

SHAKEY, A 786-PAGE biography of Neil Young that's just been published, almost wasn't. For that reason, it serves as an apt metaphor for the way ...

Neil Young: Journey Through The Past

Retrospective by Marc Weingarten, Guitar World, September 1995

Neil Young is the ageless chameleon of rock. In this history of his long and distinguished career, Guitar World traces his evolution from hippie icon ...

Neil Young: Bio Warfare

Report by Marc Weingarten,, May 2002

Why did Neil Young try to squelch Shakey? ...

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Morning Becomes Harcourt

Interview by Marc Weingarten, Rock's Backpages, December 2000

How a Brummie came to host the most respected public radio show in L.A. ...

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