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Marty Cerf

Marty Cerf

Marty Cerf got his break in magazine writing and publishing with World Countdown in 1968. Subsequently he became 'progressive music consultant' for United Artists Records, going on to publish UA's own music paper, Phonograph Record Magazine. Whilst at United Artists he also pioneered the reissuing of classic rock records, and was deeply involved in many aspects of artist and record promotion.

In 1974 Phonograph Record became independent of United Artists, and Marty kept it going until it was forced to close in 1978. Marty rapidly disappeared from sight, and died in 1994.

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The Beatles: Paperback Writer: A New History Of The Beatles by Mark Shipper (Marship Publications)

Book Review by Marty Cerf, Phonograph Record, June 1977

BEATLEFICTION. It's so simple so obvious, it's amazing no one's thought of it till now. What, short of the re-grouped Beatles, could be more logical ...

Big Star: 'September Gurls' (Privilege 1002)

Review by Marty Cerf, Phonograph Record, November 1974

Alex Chilton & Big Star: Innocent, But Deadly ...

Jackie DeShannon: Creemcheese

Interview by Marty Cerf, Phonograph Record, October 1975

"IT SEEMS that I've always been ahead of my time — or 'about to happen' ever since I started in the early '60s," says Jackie ...

Ronnie Spector: Cleveland International Records: Ronnie Spector Breaks Cleveland!

Report and Interview by Marty Cerf, Phonograph Record, April 1977

CLEVELAND — It's a freezing night in mid-February for this city that knows no excess in terms of its insatiable hunger for pop. Indisputably, this ...

Dwight Twilley Band: 'I'm On Fire' (Shelter SR 40380)

Review by Marty Cerf, Phonograph Record, May 1975

FOR THE moment there are but two titles that have any meaning for me. One is 'Tell Her No' by Del Shannon. The other is ...

Uriah Heep: Uriah Heep

Review by Marty Cerf, Phonograph Record, September 1970

URIAH HEEP may sound like a skin disease of some kind of animal manure, but in actuality it's the name of a fictional character. Uriah ...

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English Trends in L.A.: Rodney Bingenheimer Makes Good

Report and Interview by Marty Cerf, Phonograph Record, December 1972

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA — Just when we all expected it least, it happened. With our pants down, mouths wide open, Rodney Bingenheimer fulfilled the unknown pledge ...

Norman Seeff by Norman Seeff

Interview by Colman Andrews, Marty Cerf, Phonograph Record, August 1977

As told to Marty Cerf and Colman Andrews... ...

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