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Episode 78 : Sheryl Garratt on rave culture + Terry Farley audio + the Streets

6 July 2020

In this week's episode, we welcome former Face editor Sheryl Garratt into RBP's Zoomworld to ask her about rave and club culture — and how we got from disco to acid house to 2020's quarantine raves. Sheryl discusses her newly-reissued/revised 1999 classic Adventures in Wonderland and looks back on her journey from the NME to The Observer. Mark, Barney & Jasper ask her about her seminal 1986 Face piece on Chicago's House scene — and about Ecstasy and 1988's "second summer of love". 

Clips from the week's new audio interview, a 2005 conversation between DJ History's Bill & Frank and Shoom/Boy's Own legend Terry Farley, provide the perfect springboard for further reminiscence of House music and the UK's ever-fecund club scene. Sheryl also pitches in on the week's Free On RBP feature about fellow Brummie Mike (The Streets) Skinner, whose classic track 'Weak Become Heroes' was arguably the greatest elegy for the rave era. We hear a clip of Skinner speaking to Gavin Martin in 2002 and celebrate that year's splendid Original Pirate Material album. 

Among the new RBP library additions considered are Hugh Nolan's Disc report on London's psychedelic temple the UFO club (1967), a slightly unlikely 1989 encounter between David Toop and Bakersfield country icon Buck Owens, and Chris Heath's hilarious 1997 Rolling Stone cover story on the Spice Girls. Jasper takes us out with observations on a pointless Tim Buckley tribute album (2000) and an interview with Public Service Broadcasting's amusingly-monikered J. Willgoose, Esquire … 

Many thanks to special guest Sheryl Garratt; buy Adventures in Wonderland on Amazon and visit her website at

Watch a video clip from this podcast recording.