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Inside the Bay City Rollers' Camp

Interview by Caroline Coon, Melody Maker, 13 September 1975

"WHEN ANYONE slates us, you can bet they’ve never heard our own stuff – Derek is a brilliant drummer" ...

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Bay City Rollers manager Tam Paton (1999)

Interview by Maureen Paton, Rock's Backpages audio, 6 March 1999

The Rollers' Svengali talks about how hurt he is by his ex-charges' indifference to him; about how the band broke up and didn't even play on their own records; about their shoddy financial affairs and personal problems, and about his incarceration in the '80s.

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New to the Charts: Bay City Rollers from Scotland

Profile by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, 25 September 1971

NEXT IN the line of Scottish groups to make it South of the Border, called the Bay City Rollers, this week enter the NME charts at No. ...

Split! Nobby and the Bay City Boys Roll Their Separate Ways

Report and Interview by Rosalind Russell, Disc, 16 March 1974

Rosalind Russell delves for the truth behind the departure of Nobby Clark from the Bay City Rollers ...

Rollin' with the Rollers

Interview by Colin Irwin, Melody Maker, 19 October 1974

HELLO AND welcome to the BBC Television Centre at Shepherd's Bush. There's a lot of excitement... and chaos... here today, as always when they're making ...

Bay City Rollers: Rainbow Theatre, London

Live Review by Harry Doherty, Disc, 26 October 1974


Phil Coulter: The Creator

Interview by Harry Doherty, Disc, 2 November 1974

Disc meets the man behind the Rollers and many others ...

The Bay City Rollers: Rollers On The Run

Interview by Harry Doherty, Disc, 2 November 1974

FAN HYSTERIA is reaching its peak with the Bay City Rollers. It's got to the point now where the Rollers can't even go to the ...

The Bay City Rollers: Kings Of Pop!

Report by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 9 November 1974

IN THE same week that Muhammad Ali regained his heavyweight boxing title, the featherweight crown of pop, too, has changed hands. ...

No Smoking, no Drinking — no Wonder the Bay City Rollers are... Pictures of Health!

Interview by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 22 February 1975

"I'M SORRY, sir, you can't smoke in here." A matronly figure approached a table, where the MM was partaking of sugar-free fruit cake and unsweetened tea, and ...

Bay City Rollers: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Barbara Charone, Sounds, 7 June 1975

Love and kisses with a drone ...

The Bay City Rollers

Comment by uncredited writer, Beat Instrumental, July 1975

Are Eric Faulkner & Stuart 'Woody' Wood The 'Lennon & McCartney' Of The Rollers? ...

Bay City Rollers: Once Upon A Star

Review by Mitchell Cohen, Phonograph Record, September 1975

THE BAY CITY Rollers campaign is underway, and its components are familiar: screaming female fans in Great Britain, Sid Bernstein masterminding tour plans, back-to-back appearances ...

Bay City Rollers: Top of the Pops?

Profile by Wayne Robins, The Village Voice, 8 September 1975

IF YOU believe, as I do, that 'Sugar Sugar' was a brilliant record, you may like the Bay City Rollers. On the other hand, it ...

Bay City Rollers Skate on Thin Hype

Report by Paul Gambaccini, Rolling Stone, 25 September 1975

LONDON — "Whoever is doing their public relations has no sense of shame," BBC disc jockey John Peel complained. He had just read newspaper reports ...

Bay City Rollers: Flattened

Comment by Jonh Ingham, Creem, November 1975

THE ROLLERS SNEAKED up on everybody. The astute observer would have first noticed their presence two and a half years ago when their initial success ...

The Bay City Rollers: Bay City Rollers

Review by Gene Sculatti, Creem, December 1975

THE ARCHIES WERE the most radical rock 'n' roll group of the last seven years. And it's about time everybody owned up to their considerable ...

Can the Rollers crack America?

Report and Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 6 December 1975


The Bay City Rollers: Dedication (Bell)

Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 11 September 1976

Leslie McKeown, (lead vocals and background), Eric Faulkner (lead guitar, rhythm and acoustic guitars, vocals), Stuart Wood (bass and vocals), Derek Longmuir (drums, percussion, vocals), ...

The Bay City Rollers: Rollers' American Civil War

Report and Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 11 September 1976

THE STATE TROOPER, with his tall hat perched firmly on a head with very little hair, seemed to be in control. One hand grasped a ...

Bay City Rollers: New Victoria Theatre, London

Live Review by Harry Doherty, Melody Maker, 25 September 1976

SOME TIME ago, David Essex remarked that he was fed up with critics reviewing his audiences when they should have been more concerned with the ...

The Bay City Rollers: The View From Seat A6

Live Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 25 September 1976

"Then one day I found a perfect plan,I shake my ass and sing in a rock and roll band,From now on there'll be no compromisin'Rock ...

We Could Call 'Em Haggis Punk, But You'd Still Suss The Rollers

Interview by David Hancock, National RockStar, 13 November 1976

LIKE IT OR not over the past few years the Bay City Rollers have generated the kind of adulation usually associated with the Mersey boom ...

Sixteen Rollers in Nine Years

Comment by David Hancock, National RockStar, 20 November 1976

Loathe 'em or like 'em, there's something wrong with the Scotty boppers. It's being plastic, says DAVID HANCOCK ...

The Bay City Rollers: Palladium, New York NY

Live Review by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 15 January 1977

Rollers: it's a riot ...

GLC v Punk: Move Over, Sid Vicious

Report and Interview by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, 9 July 1977

GLC Tory jumps on "Good Kickin'" bandwagon ...

The Bay City Rollers: It's A Game

Review by Chas de Whalley, Sounds, 30 July 1977

LET'S FACE it, the idea of a Bay City Rollers album is just a little amusing. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if several of ...

Bay City Rollers: It's A Game (Arista AL 7004); Kiss: Love Gun (Casablanca NBLP 7057)

Review by Toby Goldstein, Crawdaddy!, October 1977


The Bay City Rollers: Strangers In The Wind

Review by Harry Doherty, Melody Maker, 18 November 1978

IT WOULD indeed be wonderful to report that, after a lengthy break, the Bay City Rollers have returned to remind us that they were really ...

The Bay City Rollers: Androgynous Heartthrobs

Essay by Sheryl Garratt, Collusion, June 1982

Rifling through her mid-70s scrapbooks, Sheryl Garratt reassesses a formative obsession and finds that the standard socio-rock explanations just don't add up. Blanded-out pop music ...

Killing Joke, The Three Johns, New Model Army, Bay City Rollers et al: Futurama 5, Queen's Hall, Leeds

Live Review by Don Watson, New Musical Express, 24 September 1983


Suzi Quatro/Judge Dread/Mungo Jerry/Les McKeown's '70s Bay City Rollers/The Rubettes: Town & Country Club, London

Live Review by Keith Cameron, New Musical Express, 4 April 1992

MAYBE IT'S for the best that Marc Bolan didn't take that bend as well as he'd have liked back in '77. Otherwise we might now ...

Bay City Rollers: About Men, About Women

Book Excerpt by Sheryl Garratt, The Observer, 6 November 1994

Sheryl Garratt blushes to recall the badges, banners and hystericaleuphoria of belonging to a teenybopper gang — but mourns thesense of togetherness lost when real ...

The Bay City Rollers

Retrospective by Ian Fortnam, Uncut, May 1998

Ahh, those much-mimicked hedgehogian coxcombs; those calf-chafing, tartan-trimmed trews with half a yard of surplus flapping flare to spare; those cheery, cheeky chipmunk grins and ...

The Bay City Rollers: Standing the Butt-Test of Time

Report by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 29 May 1999

The Bay City Rollers were the Boyzone of their day — only bigger. And their fans, including Caroline Sullivan, still pay homage ...

The Bay City Rollers: My tartan heart

Retrospective by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 18 October 1999

Caroline Sullivan reflects on the life and love of a teenage Bay City Rollers fan ...

Courtney Love: Love Will Tear Us Apart

Comment by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 14 February 2003

I WISH I'D saved the emails. There were eight, spanning December 1999 to April 2002, all written in unpunctuated lower-case. ...

Tam Paton

Obituary by Adam Sweeting, The Guardian, 10 April 2009

Bay City Rollers manager who was mired in scandal ...


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