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Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs


Boz Scaggs: Silk Degrees

Review by Max Bell, New Musical Express, June 1976

THIS BOY certainly eats up producers. ...


Boz Scaggs: Moments

Review by John Morthland, Creem, June 1971

BOZ SCAGGS' FIRST solo album was so close to perfect that it must be considered a tough act to follow. Still, one might have hoped ...

Boz Scaggs: My TIme

Review by Bud Scoppa, Rolling Stone, November 1972

BOZ SCAGGS has one of the sweetest, most engaging voices around, and his recent albums have been on the sweet and friendly side, too. Records ...

Big Boz Man: Boz Scaggs

Interview by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, June 1973

BOZ SCAGGS is the cult hero with the strongest claim to wider fame. He’s in Britain all summer to play and record...he talks to MM’s ...

Boz Scaggs: Slow Dancer (Columbia)

Review by John Swenson, Crawdaddy!, June 1974

SLOW DANCER is Boz Scaggs' fifth album, and you have to wonder when he's going to start repeating himself, because none of them sound the ...

Boz Scaggs: Boz Of The Blues

Interview by Rob Partridge, Melody Maker, June 1974

WE'RE just talking, comparing favourite singers, when Boz Scaggs happens to mention Bobby "Blue" Bland. ...

Boz Scaggs: Slow Dancer

Review by Bob Woffinden, New Musical Express, June 1974

WHY DO people make albums? There are probably three reasons: ...

Boz Scaggs: Silk Degrees (Columbia)

Review by Bud Scoppa, Phonograph Record, April 1976

For eight years, Boz Scaggs has been making playable, durable albums (counting the new one, there are now six solo LPs, and before that Scaggs ...

Boz Scaggs: Silk Degrees (CBS)

Review by Vivien Goldman, Sounds, April 1976

BOZ SCAGGS is a musician I've always had a great affection for, from way back in the old Steve Miller days when I was still ...

Boz Scaggs: Scaggs In Silk

Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, May 1976

LOUNGING IN HIS suite at the Pierre Hotel, an opulent home for the wealthy, once owned by Paul Getty, Boz Scaggs completes a picture of ...

Boz Scaggs: Central Park, New York

Live Review by Max Bell, New Musical Express, August 1976

STROLLING THROUGH New York's Central Park on a hot and sultry Friday afternoon was pretty much like reliving a David Peel song. The paths and ...

Boz Scaggs: Bar-Room Brawls Are Out Man — I've Gotten Sophisticated

Interview by Max Bell, New Musical Express, November 1976

Yes, this is one for the, err, cognoscenti. It's BOZ SCAGGS man – but coming on strong like Bryan Ferry's wardrobe. Admirer MAX BELL talks ...

Boz Scaggs' Second Bite of Cake

Interview by David Hancock, National RockStar, November 1976

DAVID HANCOCK sips champagne with U.S. chart top ...

Boz Scaggs: Portrait of The Image as a Reality

Interview by Max Bell, New Musical Express, January 1978

The elusive BOZ SCAGGS picks up the phone in deepest America and suavely refutes all allegations of artifice. 'My image is no pose man – ...

Boz Scaggs Treads the MOR Tightrope

Profile and Interview by Wesley Strick, Circus, February 1978

Down Two Then Left Plays Funk Against Fancy ...

Boz Scaggs: Middle Man (Columbia)

Review by Mark Leviton, BAM, April 1980

WATCHING THE degeneration of an artist's talents is no fun, especially when they've done truly classic work in the past. Boz Scaggs has never recovered ...

Boz Scaggs Returns

Interview by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, June 1988

Other Roads ends eight-year layoff ...

Boz Scaggs

Interview by Andy Gill, MOJO, October 1994

WHEN BOZ SCAGGS MADE HIS FIRST tentative steps back into the music industry that he had abandoned for most of the '80s, he found his ...

Boz Scaggs: My Time: A Boz Scaggs Anthology

Review and Interview by Andy Gill, MOJO, December 1997

STILL REGARDED over here primarily as a kind of lounge-lizard soulman — sort of Bryan Ferry with roots — thanks to his hugely successful mid-70s ...

Wizard of Boz

Profile and Interview by Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press, October 2001

LIKE ONE OF his ballad's gently lolling melodies, William Royce "Boz" Scaggs takes an easygoing approach to recording. Never one to give in to a ...

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride: Tales from Austin's Big Bang

Retrospective and Interview by Bill Bentley, Austin Chronicle, October 2005

TIME IS A CONTINUUM that's sometimes hard to trace. Look too far back and things get hazy. Try gazing into the future and it's all ...

Vinyl Icon: The Making of Boz Scaggs' Silk Degrees

Retrospective by Johnny Black, Hi-Fi News & Record Review, February 2016

NOBODY WOULD HAVE thought that a former Steve Miller Band sideman whose name sounded like a disease of sheep would suddenly, after six failed solo ...

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