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Country Joe McDonald: Incredible! Live! Country Joe! (Vanguard)

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, Cream, June 1972

I like the coffee and I like tea,I like the sweetness that you give to me, Hey woman set your mind at rest,Home cookin' still ...


Country Joe and the Fish

Interview by Greg Shaw, Mojo Navigator, 22 November 1966

Present at this interview were Country Joe and the Fish, who consist of Joe McDonald (vocals), Barry Melton (lead guitar), David Cohen (guitar and organ), ...

New Albums from the Doors, Country Joe & the Fish et al

Review by Loraine Alterman, Detroit Free Press, 28 May 1967

The Doors: A Fascinating New West Coast Sound ...

Monterey Pop Festival: The Hip Homunculus

Report by Richard Goldstein, The Village Voice, 29 June 1967

"The West is the best: Get here and we'll do the rest!" — The Doors ...

New Singles including The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Buffalo Springfield

Review by Nick Jones, Melody Maker, 18 November 1967


New Wave USA

Report by Nick Jones, Melody Maker, 25 November 1967


Captain Beefheart — electric magic!

Report by Hugh Nolan, Disc and Music Echo, 6 January 1968

CAUTION: ELECTRICITY can be hazardous to health — but Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band are as Safe As Milk. And London is due for ...

Albums from Van Dyke Parks, Nancy Sinatra and Country Joe & the Fish

Review by uncredited writer, KRLA Beat, 13 January 1968

SONG CYCLE (Warner Bros-7 Arts) Van Dyke Parks. 'Vine Street', 'The All Golden', 'Pot Pourri' plus eight other tracks. ...

C.J. Fish on Saturday

Interview by Richard Goldstein, The Village Voice, 3 October 1968

IT WAS Saturday afternoon and the Algonquin Hotel smelled of old marble and mahogany. In his suite, Country Joe MacDonald sat on a sofa and ...

20 Revolutionary Singles, as requested

Letter by Geoffrey Cannon, unpublished, 28 October 1968


Country Joe & The Fish: Fillmore East, New York NY

Live Review by Mike Jahn, The New York Times, 9 December 1968

Country Joe's Fish Make Heads Swim To Electric Sounds ...

1968: The Shaken City Walls

Overview by Geoffrey Cannon, The Guardian, 24 December 1968

"AN ELECTRIC caterwauling of power... burning it, flashing it, whirling it down some arc of consciousness, the sound screaming up to a climax of vibrations ...

Country and the Fish, Led Zeppelin: Fillmore West, San Francisco CA

Live Review by Philip Elwood, The San Francisco Examiner, 11 January 1969

Impressive New Rock Group ...

Country Joe & the Fish, Led Zeppelin: Fillmore West, San Francisco CA

Live Review by Philip Elwood, The San Francisco Examiner, 11 January 1969

Impressive New Rock Group ...

Country Joe: Fish Head

Interview by Mark Williams, International Times, 11 April 1969

INTERVIEWING COUNTRY Joe McDonald was an escapade I embarked on with fear in my heart, butterflies in my stomach and a copy of How to ...

The Janis Joplin Revue, Country Joe & the Fish: Cobo Hall, Detroit

Live Review by Mike Gormley, Detroit Free Press, 12 May 1969

Joplin Revue: Music, Yes; Excitement, No ...

Rocking into religion

Essay by Geoffrey Cannon, The Guardian, 27 May 1969

Gods, bishops, priests and worshippers ...

Barry Melton — Lead Guitarist, Country Joe & The Fish

Interview by Jim Delehant, Hit Parader, July 1969

As told to Jim Delehant ...

My Favorite Records by Barry Melton of Country Joe & The Fish

Interview by Jim Delehant, Hit Parader, August 1969

THERE'S A label called the Origin Jazz Library. One album in the collection is called The Great Jugbands. It's loaded with pure beautiful music. It's ...

Country Joe & The Fish: Here We Are Again

Review by John Morthland, Rolling Stone, 9 August 1969

BERKELEY HAS ALWAYS BEEN the Freak Capital of the Western world. The university of California has long been noted for its political militants, and the ...

New albums from the Doors, Country Joe, Johnny Cash, Creedence, CS&N and Blind Faith

Review by Geoffrey Cannon, The Guardian, 16 September 1969

Finding a new faith: GEOFFREY CANNON reviews pop music ...

Country Joe And The Fish: Here We Are Again (Vanguard)

Review by Danny Goldberg, Fusion, 3 October 1969

COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH are certainly unique in American rock. By the time their first album came out they had really passed their peak ...

Sons of Champlin, Country Joe & the Fish, Area Code 615: Fillmore West, San Francisco CA

Live Review by Philip Elwood, The San Francisco Examiner, 13 February 1970

Strong Debut by Nashville 9 ...

Kent Aftermath: Teen Turmoil Poison At B.O.

Report and Interview by John Morthland, Rolling Stone, 25 June 1970

SAN FRANCISCO — Lou Rhode, a student at San Francisco City College, is a clerk at Tower Records, and wears an "Out Now" peace button ...

Various artists: Woodstock (Atlantic: 2663 001)

Review by Geoffrey Cannon, The Guardian, 17 July 1970

Update, 2020. Woodstock. The name has many meanings. There's Woodstock the town where Bob Dylan and the Band lived once. But the main resonance is ...

Country Joe: Gimme an F!

Interview by Mick Gold, Let It Rock, December 1974

Mick Gold interrogates Country Joe and indulges in some Fishy nostalgia ...

Country Joe McDonald: Paradise With An Ocean View

Review by Mick Farren, New Musical Express, 24 January 1976

Gimme a W, gimme an H, gimme an A, gimme an L... ...

Country Joe McDonald: Shed A Tear In Your Beer For The Fish Cheer

Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Sounds, 7 February 1976

COUNTRY JOE said: "I'd like to make some money, buy a Cadillac, make pop music as in popular, radio rock 'n' roll." ...

Barry Melton: The Tale of a Fish

Profile and Interview by Andy Childs, ZigZag, March 1976

STRANGE AS IT MAY seem to all of you who may imagine me as a contemporary of [Pete] Frame and [John] Tobler, when the early ...

Country Joe MacDonald: The Essential Country Joe McDonald

Review by John Tobler, New Musical Express, 21 August 1976

ALTHOUGH THERE have been three compilations of his work with the Fish, this is the first collection covering Country Joe's seven solo albums. ...

Chet Helms: Rockin' back to the 60s scene

Profile and Interview by Philip Elwood, The San Francisco Examiner, 29 September 1978

CHET HELMS was the great visionary of the innocent early days of San Francisco's rock music and hippie scene. ...

Country Joe McDonald

Interview by Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle, March 1994

ONE FIGURE straddles the two polar events of the '60s – Woodstock and the
 Vietnam War – and that's Country Joe McDonald. In fact, such ...

Country Joe and The Fish: Electric Music for the Mind and Body; I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die; Together (Vanguard reissues)

Review by Mark Cooper, MOJO, February 1996

COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH are doomed to be best remembered for that old crowd-pleaser they churned out at Woodstock in August, 1969. No matter ...

Country Joe McDonald: No Ordinary Joe

Interview by Robert Sandall, The Independent, 13 December 2002

THERE'S LITTLE ABOUT the small, stocky frame of the 60-year-old Country Joe McDonald that would lead one to pinpoint him as a firebrand political activist ...

Woodstock: Back To The Garden

Retrospective and Interview by Kris Needs, Record Collector, October 2009

40 years on, Woodstock's epochal celebration of music, peace and unleashed hedonism is being marked with an unprecedented deluge of audio and visual releases. KRIS ...

Suddenly That Summer

Retrospective and Interview by Sheila Weller, Vanity Fair, July 2012

It was billed as "the Summer of Love", a blast of glamour, ecstasy, and Utopianism that drew some 75,000 young people to the San Francisco ...

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