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Country Joe McDonald

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Country Joe McDonald (1974)

Interview by Mick Gold, Rock's Backpages Audio, 1974

Country Joe talks about being brought up by communist parents, his current musical and political interests, the Paris Sessions album, songwriting, the Beats, jazz and... Bowie!

File format: mp3; file size: 81mb, interview length: 1h 28' 27" sound quality: ***


The Newport Pop Festival: Two Days of Surprises, Flowers, Cream Pies... and Super Sounds!

Live Review by Carol Deck, Flip, December 1968

THE ONLY THING really wrong with the Newport Pop Festival held recently in Orange Country, Calif, was that it wasn't in Monterey. ...

Rock Music: Drumbeat For Drugs?

Essay by Mike Jahn, New York Times Special Features Syndication, 3 January 1971

"If you're tired or a bit run down, can't seem to get your feet off the ground Maybe you oughta try a little bit ...

Country Joe: 69 years young, an' the fire's still burnin'!

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, December 1976

THE ONLY reason that the Blues is dying out is that the young folk simply don't want to know about the Blues. Even Blues legends ...

Festival remembers the Summer of Love

Report by Charles Bermant, The Globe and Mail, 14 September 1987

SAN FRANCISCO – The first cosmic occurrence was before noon, when Jesse Colin Young sang the last chorus of 'Get Together'. He let the crowd ...

The San Francisco Sound

Retrospective and Interview by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, 23 August 1990

"My eyes were opened. There's a new world and a new society and a new spirit." ...


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