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Incredible String Band

Profile and Interview by Steve Turner, Beat Instrumental, March 1971

"The Beatles are British I suppose," said Bob Dylan in the first of his two post-accident interviews, "but you can’t say they’ve carried on with ...

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The RBP Album Club on the Incredible String Band (2013)

Interview by uncredited writer, Rock's Backpages audio, 9 May 2013

Robyn Hitchcock and Scritti's Green Gartside, aided by ringmaster Mark Ellen, discuss and play excerpts from the Incredible String Band's The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter. Recorded in 2013 at the RBP Album Club at the Idler Academy in London.

File format: mp3; file size: 79.9mb, interview length: 1h 27' 15" sound quality: ****

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Tom Paxton, Judy Collins, The Incredible String Band: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 12 November 1966

A TRIUMPH — there is no other word for the reception Judy Collins and Tom Paxton received at the Royal Albert Hall on Friday. The ...

The Incredible String Band: Now It's Folk Flower Power

Profile and Interview by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 24 June 1967

THE TWO young Scots who call themselves the Incredible String Band, Mike Heron and Robin Williamson, are going to set both the folk and pop ...

The Incredible String Band: The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion (Elektra EUK 257)

Review by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 2 September 1967


Incredible String Band: Incredible Incredibles

Profile and Interview by Nick Jones, Melody Maker, 30 September 1967

AS THE beautiful, unrelenting success of their second album so justly affirms the Incredible String Band are something incredible. ...

Pink Floyd, Incredible String Band, Tomorrow, Tim Rose, Fairport Convention: Saville Theatre, London

Live Review by Nick Jones, Melody Maker, 7 October 1967

SUNDAY'S SAVILLE bill was most groovy, opening with the Fairport Convention who are beginning to find their way, followed by American Tim Rose who was ...

The Incredible String Band, Shirley & Dolly Collins: Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Live Review by Nick Jones, Melody Maker, 21 October 1967

THEIR TRUTHS may shriek, whisper, caress or stab at the thread from which we hang, and scorch our fallen bodies in hot sun, dry them ...

The Incredible String Band: The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter (Elektra)

Review by uncredited writer, International Times, 8 March 1968


The Incredible String Band: Once Again, Is It Folk?

Profile and Interview by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 16 March 1968

WHEN poet Pete Brown, lyric-writer for the Cream, heard the new Incredible String Band LP, The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, he said: "That's what the Rolling ...

Incredible String Band/Tim Buckley: Royal Festival Hall, London

Live Review by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 6 April 1968

TIM BUCKLEY made a guest appearance at the Incredible String Band's packed Royal Festival Hall concert last Saturday and amply illustrated the difference in approach ...

The Incredible String Band: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 6 July 1968

Time to get off the Incredible String Band's mystery tour ...

8th National Jazz & Blues Festival: Lazy Sunbury Afternoon...

Live Review by Derek Boltwood, Record Mirror, 17 August 1968


Albums from the Band, Cream, Country Joe & the Fish, Donovan, Randy Newman, the Incredible String Band, Phil Ochs, and the Doors

Review by Paul Nelson, Hullabaloo, October 1968

HERE WE are, talking to ourselves again, still waiting for the new releases by the Rolling Stones, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the Doors, the Byrds, ...

The Incredible String Band: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by uncredited writer, Record Mirror, 9 November 1968

THREE PEOPLE came from nowhere with patterns of melodies collected while travelling many countries. Their styles were born in other cultures, thus rendering their musical ...

Incredible String Band: Wee Tam And The Big Huge (Elektra)

Review by uncredited writer, Melody Maker, 16 November 1968

THE INCREDIBLES' third album, The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter was rather subdued and introspective with Mike Heron leaning towards Robin Williamson's elegiac style. ...

The Incredible World of The Incredible Shrinking Band

Overview by Richard Cromelin, UCLA Daily Bruin, 17 April 1969

JUST AS THE Beatle-led British rock explosion of 1963-64 spawned an awakening and a renaissance of rock music in America, so the American folk revival ...

The Incredible String Band: The Big Huge (Elektra 74037); Wee Tam (Elektra 74036)

Review by Dan Nooger, Rolling Stone, 3 May 1969

AFTER THE crystal excellence of The 5000 Spirits, the Incredible String Band lost direction on their next album, dabbling in diffuse, overlush ballads. Now, the ...

Festivals & Pop Proms

Live Review by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, 12 July 1969


Joe Boyd: Freaky Galahad

Profile by Geoffrey Cannon, The Guardian, 29 July 1969

"WELL, YOU'D put your arm round its neck, y'know, like this" (demonstrating) "and hold it on the seat next to you, like another person." ...

Incredible String Band: York University, York

Live Review by Michael Gray, Rolling Stone, 9 August 1969

YORK IS A WALLED medieval city that belongs to Rowntrees Chocolate. You step off the train on some evenings and the scent of After Eight ...

The Incredible String Band: Fillmore West, San Francisco CA

Live Review by Philip Elwood, The San Francisco Examiner, 11 December 1969

A Wonder of the Pop Music World ...

The Incredible String Band

Interview by uncredited writer, Beat Instrumental, June 1970

SINCE THEIR first album in 1966, almost immediately acclaimed as the work of an important new talent, the Incredible String Band have released albums at ...

Incredible String Band, Fairport Convention: Palladium, London

Live Review by Andrew Means, Melody Maker, 1 August 1970

Incredible night of string bands ...

The Incredible String Band: U (Elektra)

Review by Anne Moore, Phonograph Record, March 1971

U IS A creative concept by the Incredible String Band and Stone Monkey (a musical dance troupe) — in reality it is a new double ...

Incredible String Band: Liquid Acrobat as Regards the Air (Elektra)

Review by Mark Leviton, Coast, April 1972

SINCE THE Incredible String Band's last album, U, there have been some major changes. Joe Boyd of Witchseason Productions has quit the album-producing biz, leaving ...

The Incredible String Band: Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air (Elektra)

Review by Steven X Rea, Phonograph Record, April 1972

THIS IS THE Incredible String Band's ninth album (tenth, if you include the soundtrack to their film BE GLAD...), and their first in over a ...

British Folk Rock: Robin Hood Rides A Chopper

Review by Bud Scoppa, Rolling Stone, 18 January 1973

Plainsong: In Search of Amelia Earhart (Elektra)Richard Thompson: Henry, the Human Fly (Warner Bros.)Steeleye Span: Below the Salt (Chrysalis)Incredible String Band: Earthspan (Reprise)Pentangle: Solomon's Seal ...

The Incredible String Band #1: Eight Years On

Interview by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, 10 March 1973

THE INCREDIBLE String Band, in various forms, have been playing for eight years and have recorded 13 albums, including two doubles and solo sets by ...

The Incredible String Band #2: Scientology and the Incredibles

Interview by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, 17 March 1973

MacDONALD: Was there any consistent philosophical or spiritual attitude behind the group's work during the Elektra period, or were you just tossing in anything you ...

The Incredible String Band Ascending To The Stars

Profile by Steven X Rea, Music World, April 1973

God made a song when the world was new, waters' laughter sings it true, O, wizard of changes, teachme the lesson of flowing — Robin Williamson ...

John Wood: Pioneer of the 'English Sound'

Interview by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 26 June 1976

THOUGH SOUND recording celebrates its centenary next year, it is only in the past ten to 16 years that studio techniques have reached the present ...

Joe Boyd: "Our own little Motown"

Interview by Mark Cooper, Q, June 1987

In the late '60s, Joe Boyd helped create a peculiarly English form of folk-psychedelia, producing albums for Fairport Convention, The Incredible String Band and Nick ...

Robin Williamson and Mike Heron: London, Bloomsbury Theatre

Live Review by Sylvie Simmons, MOJO, 1996

Set List: Everything’s Fine Right Now/ Lonely Exile/ Tom & Alexei/ Scotland Yet/ Red Hair/ October Song-Maya/ Favourite Sins/ Killing The Dragon/ Fathers/ Love Letter ...

An Incredible String Reunion: An Interview with Robin Williamson

Interview by Andy Farquarson, The Guardian, 22 October 1999

To those of the Rizla generation who spent the summer of 1967 rolling joints on its album sleeves, the Incredible String Band occupies near-mythic status. ...

Robin Williamson

Interview by Richie Unterberger, Perfect Sound Forever, Fall 2001

IN THE 1960s, Scotland's Incredible String Band put together elements of folk and world music into something that was called folk-rock, in part, because it ...

The Incredible String Band/The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion

Review by Barney Hoskyns, Uncut, September 2004

THE FIRST ISB albums in a two-fer-one release. The ISB (1966) is a more-or-less conventional Scots-trad folk effort by the original trio of Robin Williamson, ...

Nowt so queer as acid folk

Report and Interview by Pete Paphides, The Times, 15 July 2005

In a parallel world alongside mainstream rock lies a folk revival. Pete Paphides enters the zone ...

A Goat of Many Colours: The Incredible String Band

Retrospective and Interview by Pete Paphides, Rock's Backpages, October 2008

Forty years ago this month, The Incredible String Band released their benchmark double album Wee Tam & The Big Huge, just one of many milestones ...

The Incredible String Band: Tricks of the Senses

Review by Rob Young, Uncut, February 2009

Two CDs of lost sounds from the Scottish folk starsailors. ...

The Incredible String Band: Reissues

Review by Rob Young, Uncut, April 2010

Scottish psych-folkies seek (and find) enlightenment. Praise be, says Rob Young. ...

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