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Metallica's Lars Ulrich (1991)

Interview by Mat Snow, Rock's Backpages Audio, Summer 1991

Mat Snow talks to Metallica's Lars Ulrich about his roots, the formation of Metallica and on through the history of the band. Massive.

File format: MP3 File size: 250.8 mb Interview length: 4h 33' 59" Sound quality: ***

Metallica (1996)

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages Audio, 24 April 1996

The Rashomon interview: all four Metallicas sit down, separately, to talk about the making of Load.

File format: mp3; in 5 parts, total file sizes: 104.6mb, total interview length: 1h 54' 21" sound quality: ***


ZZ Top/Marillion/Bon Jovi/Metallica/Ratt/Magnum: Donington Park, Leicestershire

Live Review by Chris Roberts, Sounds, 24 August 1985

KINGS AND RATTS OF THE CASTLE Yes, it's that time of year when the Metal Mob gather at the shrine of Donington to pay homage to ...

Metallica: Thrash on Delivery

Report and Interview by Steffan Chirazi, Sounds, 15 February 1986

Pure metal butchery... STEFFAN CHIRAZI gets his mouth burnt and his ears scorched as he gatecrashes the LA studio where the fearless METALLICA are recording ...

I Confronted Metallica On Their Own Terms!

Interview by Sylvie Simmons, Creem, October 1986

METALLICA. YOU KNOW the story. Those that don't are doomed to have me repeat it. ...

Metallica: At The Mercy Of The Master

Report and Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 11 October 1986

Something sad and inexplicable has happened to METALLICA, a band who were in full flight until bassist Cliff Burton was tragically killed in a road ...

Thrash Metal: Psycho Path to the Top

Report by Mark Cooper, Guardian, The, 20 March 1987

Thrash metal is the new noise of teenage horror, a vinyl equivalent of the video nasty. Mark Cooper reports on the bands that delight in ...

Metallica: Masters Of What?

Report and Interview by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 21 March 1987

First and biggest! METALLICA stumbled across the secret of speed-metal and threw open the door for the hairy hordes that followed. In the process, they've ...

The Sound of Speed, Thrash & Death Metal

Overview by Simon Witter, i-D, April 1987

In 1987, against all odds, HM has become an issue again. i-D dives into the Metal underground to find out about moshing, skateboards, and the ...

Bon Jovi/Dio/Metallica/Anthrax/Wasp: Monsters Of Rock, Castle Donington

Live Review by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 29 August 1987


Metallica: Battle Hymns Of The Metal Warriors

Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 12 September 1987

They've stomped on the rotting corpse of heavy metal and moved from cult status to world acclaim, and now METALLICA have crashed into the singles ...

Metallica: Cliff 'Banger

Interview by Howard Johnson, Kerrang!, 30 April 1988

Cliff 'Em All, the low-key, bootleg-style home video from those METALLICA scumbags, has shifted an astonishing 90,000 copies in the States. Now it's finally made ...


Interview by Richard Gehr, Music & Sound Output, September 1988

LARS ULRICH has recently risen from the sleep, dreamless or otherwise, of the very successful. His band, billed fourth (between Led Zep wannaboys Kingdom Come ...

Metallica: ...And Justice For All (Phonogram)

Review by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 10 September 1988


Bon Jovi: New Jersey (Polygram)***; Metallica: ...And Justice for All (Elektra)***½

Review by Michael Azerrad, Rolling Stone, 3 November 1988

When things get heavy ...

Metallica Moves to Center Stage

Interview by Jim Sullivan, Boston Globe, The, 5 March 1989

LAKELAND, Fl. — Just as Metallica helped change the face of the Grammys — it was one of five acts nominated for the first-ever hard-rock/metal ...

Metallica: For Whom the Bell Tulls

Interview by Steffan Chirazi, Kerrang!, 18 March 1989

You just can't get the staff these days. Ask the people who run the Grammy Awards — they can't tell Jethro Tull from Heavy Metal. ...

Metallica: For Whom The Bell Tulls #2

Interview by Steffan Chirazi, Kerrang!, 25 March 1989

In the second part of our special feecher on Grammy loozers extraordinaire METALLICA, STEFFAN CHIRAZI probes the conception and production off the 'One' single and video, yet ...

Metallica's Lars Ulrich

Interview by Christine Natanael, Powerline, September 1989

'Turning Japanese, I'm turning Japanese, Ah, so!' Yes, Christine "The Writer From Hell" Natanael gets Lars Ulrich on the phone straight from the land of ...

Metallica: Reminiscing With Lars

Interview by Christine Natanael, Metal Mania, January 1990

OKAY, SO what can be said about the dudes in Metallica that hasn't already been said? We've heard the records, we've seen the stadium tours. ...

Creeping To The Cross: Metallica: Wembley Arena, London

Live Review by Paul Elliott, Sounds, 2 June 1990

'CREEPING DEATH'. Thrash 'n' roll. A Biblical tale of infanticide, spat like blood. In anyone else's language, this is apocalypse. For Metallica it is only ...

Elektra: a Label Celebrates its Heritage

Report and Interview by Rob Tannenbaum, Rolling Stone, 1 November 1990

Forty years of Elektra music, from Josh White and Tom Paxton to Metallica and the Cure ...

Metallica: Metallica

Review by David Browne, Entertainment Weekly, 16 August 1991

YOU CAN ONLY pound your head against a wall for so long before you get a headache. On their self-titled new album, Metallica, rock's pre-eminent ...

AC/DC, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Queensrÿche, Black Crowes: Monsters of Rock, Castle Donington, Leicestershire

Live Review by Neil Perry, Melody Maker, 24 August 1991


Metallica: One Louder

Profile and Interview by Mat Snow, Q, September 1991

They're a notch above your average cochlea-rupturing, pensioner-intimidating thrash outfit, Metallica. But their passage from fresh-faced punk-paced hopefuls to multi-platinum metal phenomenon has not been ...

Metallica: Het's Induction Hour

Interview by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 2 May 1992

JAMES HETFIELD likes weapons, Queen, women who aren't brain-surgeons, hates rap and looking like Lemmy, doesn't know all the words to 'Bohemian Rhapsody' but feels ...

Metallica: The Lords of Loud

Report and Interview by Cathi Unsworth, Melody Maker, 2 May 1992

Ever since 'Enter Sandman' crashed into Top 10s around the world, Metallica have been reaping the dividends of a decade of scorched earth-style metal. CATHI ...

Various Artists: The Freddie Mercury Tribute, Concert For Aids Awareness, Wembley Stadium, London

Live Review by Paul Mathur, Melody Maker, 2 May 1992


Metallica: High on Iron Scion

Report by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 24 October 1992

The streamlined, black-clad resistance fighters of METALLICA are poised for a surgical strike on Guns N' Roses' hard rock throne. STEPHEN DALTON discovers the truth ...

Metallica: "Good Day For A Battle"

Interview by David Bennun, Melody Maker, 5 June 1993

Metallica, the titans of terse doom-metal, return to the UK this weekend, on the final leg of an epic tour that has taken them to ...

Don't Tread On Me! Metallica Sue 'Em All In Court Case Spectacular!

Interview by Steffan Chirazi, Kerrang!, 22 October 1994

Gloves off as Metal masters take on record company in legal scrapof the decade! Lars tells all! ...

The Alternative Metallica

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, MOJO, July 1996

THEY MAKE THE ODDEST OF rock couples, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Watching them at work in Manhattan’s Right Track Studios, it’s hard to imagine ...

Metallica: Load (Elektra)

Review by Mac Randall, Musician, August 1996

Monsters of Pop ...

Metallica: Massive Attack!

Interview by Steffan Chirazi, Kerrang!, 23 August 1997

On the eve of their headlining appearance at Reading '97, METALLICA have one more battle to fight with Load. In the blue corner, Planet Rock's ...

Metallica: Souls of a New Machine

Interview by Steffan Chirazi, Kerrang!, 30 August 1997

The Plant Studios, Sausalito: METALLICA are holding their final inquest into the Load album and working on its successor. Time to find out exactly how ...

Metal Memories: Ten years of close encounters with Metallica

Retrospective by Ted Drozdowski, Boston Phoenix, The, 17 November 1997

THE MONSTERS OF ROCK Tour in '87 was my wake-up call. Even if waking up in Akron is like rising with a hangover. ...

Metallica: CorseStates Center Parking Lot, Philadelphia

Live Review by Chuck Eddy, Spin, February 1998

IT WAS DUBBED the "Million Decibel March," but Metallica's purported return to hard rockin' drew a crowd you might expect to see at a Bryan ...

Classic Metal: Metallica

Report and Interview by David Bennun, Observer, The, 9 May 1999

LIKE MOST things in this California college town, including the people, Berkeley's Community Theatre has changed little since the '60s. Its rust-brown auditorium and green ...

Bottoms up: Topping the Billboard

Comment by Chuck Eddy, Village Voice, The, 12 May 1999

FOR THE PAST month, two of the top five tracks pissing their night away on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart have been celebrations of alcohol consumption, ...

King Dongs and French Ticklers: Metallica with Strings Attached

Interview by Ian Fortnam, Front, February 2000

IN THE perpetually over-stated arena of titanic metal, no other band in the entire cosmos are quite so synonymous with brain-boggling hugeness as Metallica. ...

Rage-a-holics Anonymous: Metallica

Report and Interview by Ian Fortnam, Classic Rock, 2003

OF COURSE, you all know the deal with Metallica. At present, the single most enormous band in the entire rock firmament who, having casually taken ...

Metallica: Taming the Beast

Report and Interview by Chris Campion, Daily Telegraph, 12 June 2003

THE US ARMY'S Psychological Operations Company recently revealed that it has been playing Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' repeatedly to Iraqi prisoners as a pre-interrogation routine. In ...

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

Film/DVD/TV Review by Chuck Eddy, Village Voice, The, 2 July 2004

LAST FALL, a hilarious 3,000-word review of Metallica's unlistenable St. Anger by some guy named Colin Tappe circulated over the Internet. ...

Metallica: Monster Mash

Film/DVD/TV Review by Charles Shaar Murray, Observer Music Monthly, 19 September 2004

Metallica: Some kind of Monster (Released: October 1) ...

Band on the Ruin: Metallica's Some Kind of Monster

Report and Interview by James Medd, Word, The, October 2004

Metallica was facing meltdown and group therapy — then the film crew arrived. The result is the greatest music documentary ever made. ...

NWOBHM: Never Mind The Bollocks

Retrospective by Paul Elliott, MOJO, February 2007

Threatened by punk, Led Zep, Sabbath and Purple came under fire in 1977. A year later Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Saxon led a New ...

Magnetic Metallica

Report and Interview by Stephen Dalton, National, The, July 2008

THERE IS a certain grim irony to the news, announced last week, that Metallica’s latest album Death Magnetic will be released in September in a ...

Metallica: Some Kind Of Monsters

Report and Interview by William Shaw, Q, September 2008

In the old days, Metallica were hard-drinking, groupie-shagging rock pigs. Today, they're all about pre-gig yoga sessions, surfing and being good dads. On the merch ...

Kirk Hammett on Metallica's Kill 'Em All

Retrospective and Interview by Jaan Uhelszki, Music Radar, 11 September 2008

METALLICA HAVE NEVER done anything the easy way. On the eve of recording their first album Kill 'Em All, they fired lead guitarist Dave Mustaine ...

Metallica: Death Magnetic

Review by Stephen Dalton, Uncut, October 2008

Troubled Dark Knights of metal return to form. ...

Guns N' Roses: The Monsters of Rock Return

Comment by Andy Gill, Independent, The, 31 October 2008

After 14 years of rumours and false starts, Guns N' Roses are promising to release their new album. There's even a ticking clock on their ...


Retrospective by Deborah Frost, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, April 2009

HAPPY FAMILIES, Leo Tolstoy noted, are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. That goes double, if not quadruple, for bands, ...

"It has so much rage": Metallica And Lou Reed Talk About Their New Album

Interview by Edward Helmore, Guardian, The, 20 October 2011

It's a collaboration that has prompted much head-scratching, but Lou Reed and Metallica tell Edward Helmore that teaming up to make their new album was a ...

Metallica's Kill 'Em All, the Album to Credit and/or Blame for "Extreme Metal" Mania, Turns 30

Retrospective by Chuck Eddy, Spin, 25 July 2013

IN 1983'S International Encyclopedia of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Tony Jasper and Derek Oliver make the claim that two different California bands put out ...

Metallica: House of Vans, London

Live Review by Lisa Verrico, Times, The, 21 November 2016

The world's biggest metal band returned to their club roots with a tight, super-loud show that sent the sweat-soaked crowd into meltdown. ...

Why Vinyl Matters: Lars Ulrich

Book Excerpt by Jennifer Otter Bickerdike, 'Why Vinyl Matters' (ACC Editions), 2017

LARS ULRICH WAS born in Denmark in 1963. After seeing his first concert at age 10, he became enamoured with the drums. His family moved ...


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