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New singles from Jimi Hendrix, the Miracles, Cliff Richard, Martha & the Vandellas et al

Review by Penny Valentine, Disc and Music Echo, 11 March 1967

Hendrix: incredibly ugly but so much excitement ...

The Miracles: Thank The Beatles

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 27 February 1970

SMOKEY ROBINSON and the Miracles flew into London specifically to appear on Tom Jones TV show. Even if many Soul fans disapprove of what Mr. ...

No stop for Old Smokey, all ready to go

Interview by Roy Carr, New Musical Express, 12 May 1973

LOS ANGELES: If we hadn't been formally introduced by a super cool hip slingin' secretary I very much doubt that I'd have recognised Smokey Robinson. ...

The Miracles: Miracles Never Cease…

Interview by Harvey Kubernik, Melody Maker, 23 November 1974

LOS ANGELES: "I really loved touring with the English groups, back in 1963 and 1964. We used to tour with the Rolling Stones and people ...

The Miracles: In A New Bag

Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 11 November 1975

THERE CAN be little doubt that one of the most interesting concept albums to come along in a very long time is the current set ...

The Miracles: City Of Angels

Review by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 13 December 1975


The Miracles: Love Machine

Review by Simon Frith, Street Life, 1 May 1976

'LOVE MACHINE' was the Miracles' biggest hit for years (if not ever) and a fine single too. Why? What are the Miracles doing right again? ...

Miracles 'Spy' Sensation

Report and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 29 March 1977

Uncle Sam has taken exception to the group's 'Spy For Brotherhood' and it's being withdrawn. "Rebellious", "Sacrilegeous", say the men in high places. "We're innocent", ...

Cholly Atkins: The Man Who Put Pep In Soul's Step

Interview by Tom Vickers, Black Music, May 1977

Choreographer Cholly Atkins is the most important figure in the history of black music stage presentation. The choreographer who conceived all those unison spins and ...

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