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Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

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The Tymes, Freddy King, Dionne Warwick, Dee Clark, Solomon Burke, The Miracles: Regal Theatre, Chicago IL

Live Review by Guy Stevens, Record Mirror, 4 April 1964


Motown: Will 'HITSVILLE U.S.A.' Hit Britain Now?

Report by Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 13 June 1964

THEY SAY that there's not much chance for American hits here now. But nevertheless the multi-million dollar American label Tamla has scored its FIRST hit ...

A Warning To The Tamla-Motown Visitors From Their Biggest Fan!

Interview by Ian Dove, New Musical Express, 19 March 1965

BRITAIN'S Mr. Tamla-Motown — he's Dave Godin, organiser of the Tamla-Motown Appreciation Society — was walking around warning the Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas, the ...

America Hits Back With Tamla Motown Attack

Report by Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 20 March 1965

IN RETALIATION to the British craze sweeping the States, America launches its biggest-ever campaign to bring back the Yanks into the British charts in the ...

Class and Soul Spell Success For Miracles

Profile and Interview by Carol Deck, KRLA Beat, 11 December 1965

WHEN THE Miracles are performing in a club you don't eat. You don't drink. You don't even think. You just feel. ...

The Other Smokey Robinson — Songwriter

Interview by Loraine Alterman, Detroit Free Press, 14 October 1966

BACK IN 1957 Bill "Smokey" Robinson, then 17, bumped into Berry Gordy Jr. Smokey had a stack of about 100 songs he had written, and ...

Tempo: R&B and Jazz Album Reviews

Review by Jim Delehant, Hit Parader, November 1966

FOR SOME reason, recordings of live rock and roll shows are selling very well. You can hardly hear the music above the enthusiastic audience response ...

The Miracle They Call Smokey And How He Climbed from the Ghetto To the Top of His Musical World

Interview by Loraine Alterman, Detroit Free Press, 6 August 1967

IN 1946 AT Dwyer Elementary School in Detroit, a six-year-old first-grader, wearing a pasted-on beard and white high-top shoes, played Uncle Remus in a school ...

Loraine Alterman on Pop Records: A Powerful New Kind of 'Suite'

Review by Loraine Alterman, Detroit Free Press, 8 October 1967

TWO EXCELLENT new albums show how far the best contemporary song-writing and record making has come from the June-moon-spoon days. One is Of Cabbages and ...

Smokey Robinson: The Miracle Of Motown

Interview by Jim Delehant, Hit Parader, April 1968

BILL "SMOKEY" Robinson, the leader of the Miracles, couldn't decide between athletics and engineering. At Northern High School in Detroit (where all the Miracles were ...

Smokey and His Associates Work Hit Parade Miracles

Profile by Mike Gormley, Ottawa Journal, The, 31 May 1968


Smokey Robinson

Profile and Interview by Michael Lydon, Rolling Stone, 28 September 1968

SMOKEY ROBINSON is the reigning genius of Top-40. Since the Beatles and the Beach Boys dropped out of the single-then-follow-up-album pattern aimed at the AM ...

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles: Special Occasion (Tamla Motown Stereo STML 11089)

Review by uncredited writer, Record Mirror, 18 January 1969

'Yester Love'; 'If You Can Want'; 'Special Occasion'; 'Everybody Needs Love'; 'Just Losing You'; 'Give Her Up'; 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine'; 'Yesterday'; 'Your ...

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, Stevie Wonder, Martha Reeves & the Vandellas: Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by John Mendelssohn, Los Angeles Times, 9 September 1969

Smokey Robinson Crew Performs in Inglewood ...

Smokey Robinson, Proving That Miracles Still Happen

Interview by Royston Eldridge, Melody Maker, 14 February 1970

WILLIAM 'Smokey' Robinson is the lead singer of the Miracles, vice president of Motown Records and the man Dylan has described as "America's greatest living ...

Smokey and Miracles Used To Record Two Songs in Three Hours

Profile and Interview by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 15 August 1970

BOB DYLAN once referred to Smokey Robinson as "America's greatest living poet," a statement which is not quite so bizarre as it might at first ...

Smokey Can Do All The Tamla Jobs —

Interview by Ann Moses, New Musical Express, 12 September 1970

– but still finds time for his golf! ...

Do You Really Know What Soul IS?

Comment by Charlie Gillett, Record Mirror, 24 October 1970

I BELIEVE that the sudden rash of hit records by black singers is a flash in the pan, and doesn't mean anything in the long ...

The Miracle of Smokey Robinson

Profile and Interview by Charlie Gillett, Record Mirror, 25 September 1971

ABOUT twelve years ago, Berry Gordy told Smokey Robinson how to write songs: "Every song should have an idea, tell a story, mean something." Smokey ...

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles: From The Beginning…

Report and Interview by Dave Marsh, Creem, April 1972

SMOKEY IS LEAVING the Miracles. This may mean more to those of us in Detroit, who've watched the Miracles almost, but never quite, make the ...

Smokey Robinson: Motown And Mafia, And Why He's Quitting The Miracles

Interview by Danny Holloway, New Musical Express, 15 July 1972

SMOKEY ROBINSON is a hell of a lot more than just a giant of soul or Motown. For more than a decade, his original and ...

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles: 35th Anniversary Collection

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, MOJO, July 1994

AS FAR AS I KNOW, Smokey Robinson and Frank Zappa never met. However, if they had, five'll getcha ten they'd have ended up talking ...

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