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The Sundays: The Falcon, London

Live Review by Chris Roberts, Melody Maker, 3 September 1988

AND ON THE SEVENTH DAY He got creative. . . The Sundays are the most beautiful thing I've heard since I was one year old. Something ...

The Sundays: Sunday's Best

Interview by Chris Roberts, Melody Maker, 14 January 1989

Late last year, Chris Roberts stumbled upon the Sundays playing a support gig in one of London's many watering holes. Stunned by their brilliance, he ...

The Sundays: The Warehouse, Leeds

Live Review by Dave Simpson, Melody Maker, 27 May 1989

THE SUNDAYS' SECOND COMING is so utterly majestic, so unquestionably celestial, so distinctly holy, that it is too good. They are too good to be ...

The Sundays: School's Out

Interview by Everett True, Melody Maker, 20 January 1990

OVER A YEAR AGO, the Maker discovered the Sundays and created the biggest media storm since we first put the Sugarcubes on the cover. Their ...

The House of Love: The House of Love (PolyGram); The Sundays: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (Geffen)

Review by Pat Blashill, Spin, June 1990

ENGLAND BREEDS pop sensations almost as efficiently as the American suburbs birth thrash metal bands. And there's a time delay: American cultural ambassadors like Anthrax ...

The Sundays: Reading, Writing And Arithmetic

Review by Ira Robbins, Rolling Stone, 14 June 1990

TO JOIN THE RANKS of sophisticated pop ensembles with female vocalists — whose membership includes the Cocteau Twins, 10,000 Maniacs and, on occasion, Everything But ...

They Do Like Sundays

Interview by Len Brown, Vox, January 1991

They do like the sundays in japan, where their three-rs album title was renamed for local pronunciation and they like 'em in the States. Despite ...

The Sundays: Blind Optimism

Interview by Nick Coleman, Time Out, 2 December 1992

After the sheer brilliance of their debut album, The Sundays have delivered a follow-up, Blind, which is... not quite so fabulous. Nick Coleman goes to ...

The Sundays

Retrospective by Frank Tortorici,, 25 June 1999

SINGER HARRIET WHEELER is the main ingredient in the sound of the British jangle-pop band the Sundays. Her high, lilting voice floating over boyfriend David ...


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