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David Coverdale's Whitesnake: Penthouse, Scarborough

Live Review by Geoff Barton, Sounds, 18 March 1978

THE FIRST thing you notice as the band squeezes on to the small stage at Scarborough Penthouse is that David Coverdale still projects. Much much ...

Whitesnake: Viper Trails

Report and Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Sounds, 11 November 1978

WHEN WHITESNAKE first hit the road six months ago (with Brian Johnston on keyboards) the generally buoyant Coverdale let out one cry of pain to ...

Whitesnake: You may not believe it, but... these men are bathing in innuendo

Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Sounds, 20 October 1979


Are You A Whore For Rock 'N' Roll?

Report by Rosalind Russell, Record Mirror, 20 December 1979

ROSALIND RUSSELL thinks most of you are ...

Fantasy Castle: Monsters of Rock!

Live Review by Barney Hoskyns, New Musical Express, July 1981

BARNEY HOSKYNS straps on his breastplate, girds his loins and takes his sword to the HM Monsters Of Rock joust at Castle Donington. ...

Whitesnake: Just A Load of Old Cobras

Interview by Gavin Martin, New Musical Express, 3 March 1984

DAVID COVERDALE, the professional peacock of puerile penile dementia rock has landed. ...

Whitesnake: Wembley Arena, London

Live Review by Mary Harron, The Guardian, 5 March 1984

WHITESNAKE ARE known as the male chauvinists of British heavy metal, which is a dizzying thought. Lead singer David Coverdale's stardom is based on his ...

Heavy Metal: The Sound Too Dense to Die

Comment by James Hunter, L.A. Weekly, 16 October 1987

TWENTY SUMMERS ago, it was love. In 1987 it was metal, pop-metal, ushered in by Bon Jovi's much less musicianly 7-mil play on Van Halen's ...

Does Keith Olsen really believe in this stuff, or what?

Interview by Alan di Perna, Musician, November 1988

IT'S EASY to sneer at the increasingly predictable formulas that sell records in the millions these days. What's hard is to actually believe in the ...

Steve Vai: Vaiing For Attention

Interview by Dave Zimmer, BAM, 12 January 1990

NO, YOUR eyes aren't deceiving you. Steve Vai is holding a seven-string guitar, custom-made for him by Ibanez. ...

Whitesnake: Fangs of Fortune

Interview by Dave Zimmer, BAM, 12 January 1990

WAKING UP before noon is still a foreign idea to many working musicians, and not just the ones who are hopeless drug addicts. It's just ...

Whitesnake: Slip of the Tongue (Geffen)

Review by Bud Scoppa, Spin, February 1990

A VENERABLE Brit rock band whose only constant was crusty-throated journeyman David Coverdale (his main claim to fame being a 1973-1976 stint as Deep Purple's ...

Cod Piece In Our Time

Overview by Stuart Maconie, New Musical Express, 19 January 1991

Bring your good taste to be slaughtered! To mark Iron Maiden's ground-breaking success (any bleedin' excuse — Ed), STUART MACONIE investigates the subtle and many-faceted ...

End of an earache — Whitesnake: Shepherd's Bush Empire, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 11 October 1997

Hang up your air guitars: Whitesnake will rock no more. Caroline Sullivan is oddly moved ...

Various Artists: Heart of Metal 2

Review by Devon Powers, PopMatters, January 2001

THAT HEAVY METAL and its hair – in all seriousness – had such tremendous clout during the 1980s is one of the greatest, and most ...

Mr. Coverdale and His Enormous Snake

Interview by Ian Fortnam,, September 2002

THE GENTLEMAN rock star lounges decorously before us, a cigarette steadily smouldering between his fingers. ...

"My mum said, 'What about the drink and drugs and wild women?' I said, 'That's what I want to do this for!'": the life and times of Bernie Marsden

Interview by Rob Hughes, Classic Rock, May 2020

RH: Who was the first guitarist to really capture your imagination?  ...

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