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Wilson Pickett (1977)

Interview by Michael Lydon, Rock's Backpages audio, May 1977

Michael Lydon meets wicked Wilson Pickett at home in Englewood, New Jersey, and asks him about his gospel roots, the Falcons, Atlantic Records, and recording in Memphis and Muscle Shoals.

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Wilson Pickett — Stones, Tom Jones Fan!

Interview by Tracy Thomas, New Musical Express, 1 October 1965

"I WAS SITTING on the front porch picking at my guitar and singing. This neighbour boy came up and asked me to play some more. ...

Wilson Pickett: Master of Beat and Soul

Interview by Kevin Swift, Beat Instrumental, January 1966

THE WILD sound of Wilson Pickett is still fairly new to our hit parade. 'Midnight Hour' and 'Don't Fight It' have put him in the ...

The Soul Parade

Overview by Maureen O'Grady, Rave, November 1966

RAVE's Maureen O'Grady puts on parade some of the greatest and the latest singers of "soul". The sound the "in" crowd said would happen. ...

Otis Redding & Wilson Pickett: For Soul Brothers — A Bumper Crop Of LPs

Review by uncredited writer, Disc and Music Echo, 12 November 1966

FOR ALL discotheque darlings and soul brothers and sisters Atlantic in Britain have re-released a bumper crop of albums. ...

Atlantic '67

Report and Interview by Bill Harry, Record Mirror, 24 December 1966

FRANK FENTER is a tall, tanned, talkative South African who has a way of expression with his hands that would do credit to an Italian. ...

Official Sound Report: An Interview with Wilson Pickett

Interview by Jim Delehant, Hit Parader, April 1967

AS WE WALKED into Wilson Pickett's dressing room at the Apollo in New York, two shady characters were in the process of selling a freshly ...

The Humor of… Wilson Pickett

Interview by Jim Delehant, Hit Parader, November 1967

WILSON PICKETT started his singing career in the spiritual field in the city of Detroit. He and his family moved there when Wilson was in ...

Singles from the Beach Boys, the Parliaments, Wilson Pickett et al

Review by Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 18 November 1967


Soul LPs... including Wilson Pickett and James Brown

Review by Peter Jones, Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 17 February 1968

WILSON PICKETT: The Best Of Wilson Pickett 'In The Midnight Hour'; 'I Found A Love'; '634-5789'; 'If You Need Me'; 'Mustang Sally'; 'Don't Fight It'; ...

Wilson Pickett: "I'm tired — I ain't doing no TV"— but he does!

Report and Interview by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 15 February 1969

Alan Smith welcomes to England an unhappy WILSON PICKETT ...

Wilson Pickett: Why Wilson dropped the "la-la-la" bit

Interview by Alan Walsh, Melody Maker, 15 February 1969

WHEN WILSON Pickett landed at London's Heath Row airport two hours late last Thursday after flying from Rome, all he wanted to do was sleep. ...

Wilson Pickett's Gin & Coffee

Interview by uncredited writer, Record Mirror, 22 February 1969

The Wicked Pickett's Diet ...

Wilson Pickett/Erma Franklin: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Royston Eldridge, Melody Maker, 27 September 1969

A Vote For Wilson (Pickett That Is!) ...

Jerry Wexler: Aretha, She's Just Unbelievable

Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 22 January 1971

JERRY WEXLER is without doubt, one of the great producers who revolutionised Rhythm and Blues music in the 50's and 60's. ...

Wilson Pickett: In Philadelphia (Atlantic) and If You Need Me (Joy)

Review by Charlie Gillett, Cream, May 1971

IT SEEMS AS if Wilson Pickett's been the number two soul singer ever since the term was coined. Ray Charles, James Brown, Otis Redding, and ...

Wilson Pickett: Apollo Theatre, New York NY

Live Review by Vicki Wickham, Melody Maker, 22 May 1971

EX-TEMPTATIONS man, Eddie Kendricks, now solo, was due to open and debut his act at The Apollo but at the eleventh hour he cancelled out saying "the ...

Wilson Pickett, Jackie Moore: Copacabana, NYC

Live Review by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, March 1972

CAN YOU imagine seeing Wilson Pickett at the Talk of the Town in London, complete with middle-aged folks having a night out, coach parties from ...

Wilson Pickett: Don't Knock My Love (Atlantic)

Review by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, 25 March 1972

SINCE THE mid '60s when Pickett came up with such goodies as 'Midnight Hour' and 'Mustang Sally' his voice has changed very little. And now ...

Wilson Pickett On African Soul

Interview by Roger St. Pierre, New Musical Express, 13 May 1972

WILSON PICKETT is back — as big and brash as ever, and if his press reception this past week at WEA Records (nee Kinney) is ...

Buddy Miles: Big black hunk of funk

Interview by Roger St. Pierre, New Musical Express, 3 June 1972


Wilson Pickett: Join Me and Let's Be Free

Review by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 26 July 1975

FIRST OF ALL you have to picture the scene. There he stands, up to his elbows in stagnant water, a faraway look in his eyes, ...

Return of the Wicked Pickett

Report and Interview by Michael Lydon, unpublished, 1977

"I’VE ALWAYS WANTED to be a star," said Wilson Pickett. He clapped his hands and fell back into a deck chair behind his house in ...

Wilson Pickett: Land Of A Thousand Libels

Interview by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 10 November 1979

IN GUY PEELAERT'S Rock Dreams tome of some six autumns back, one of the artist's strongest slices of visualized popular music imagery went under the ...

Still Wicked: Wilson Pickett's Raw Return

Report and Interview by Ted Drozdowski, The Boston Phoenix, 18 October 1999

THE HOWL is unmistakable. Raw as fresh meat, gritty and powerful as sandblasting. That's Wilson Pickett shouting thunder over the fatback grooves of a new ...

Wilson Pickett: Singer who revolutionised the sound of '60s Soul

Obituary by Dave Laing, The Guardian, 20 January 2006

IN 1964 Wilson Pickett, who has died of a heart attack aged 64, was signed by Atlantic Records of New York. It was an era ...

Gritty Soul Men: Remembering Lou Rawls and Wilson Pickett

Obituary by Mark Anthony Neal, PopMatters, 26 January 2006

Grit was not just about the "sound" of soul, but also the grittier social and political realities that soul music offered transcendence from. The recent ...

Wilson Pickett: Farewell, Wicked Messenger

Obituary by Andy Gill, The Word, March 2006

Wilson Pickett: you couldn't sing 'In The Midnight Hour' the way he did without a terrible temper and in this respect the man from Prattville, ...

Deep Soul: How Muscle Shoals became music's most unlikely hit factory

Retrospective and Interview by Mick Brown, Daily Telegraph, October 2013

IN JANUARY 1967, a young singer named Aretha Franklin arrived in the small Alabama town of Muscle Shoals, her career hanging in the balance. ...

Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man: Wilson Pickett, the Midnight Mover

Book Excerpt by Tony Fletcher, Oxford University Press, January 2017

ON MAY 11, just a few days after Pickett's unexpected Apollo headline billing concluded, and with the surprise baby newly ensconced at home, he and ...

Tony Fletcher: In The Midnight Hour – The Life & Soul Of Wilson Pickett

Book Review by Chris Charlesworth, Just Backdated, February 2017

ABUSE RUNS in the family, or so they say. Those ill-treated as children go on to ill-treat as adults and it's near impossible to break ...

Tony Fletcher: In The Midnight Hour – The Life and Soul of Wilson Pickett

Book Review by Graeme Thomson, MOJO, April 2017

IN OCTOBER 1967, the month of Otis Redding's untimely death, Wilson Pickett was very possibly the biggest soul star on the planet. ...

Wilson Pickett: The 600 Dollar Man

Interview by Dan Nooger, Record Collector, April 2017

Wilson Pickett often cut a controversial figure; he was tough, brash and volatile. But he was also one of the great soul singers, and could ...

Tony Fletcher: In The Midnight Hour – The Life And Soul of Wilson Pickett (Oxford University Press)

Book Review by Tony Burke, Blues & Rhythm, December 2017

BACK IN THE mid-1960s, Wilson Pickett was one of my main men. A series of great singles waxed for Atlantic, including 'In The Midnight Hour', covers of ...


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