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Cracker was a cultural listing magazine published in Edinburgh during the 1970s.

5 articles

Family's Roger Chapman: Aff His Heid?

Interview by Ed Jones, Cracker, 15 January 1972

AS ROGER CHAPMAN of Family burst on to the Empire Theatre stage the other night, the ecstatic roars from the audience were counterpointed by knowing ...

Curved Air: Sonja Kristina — Curved Air

Interview by Ed Jones, Cracker, April 1972

GLITTER-GARBED and blond-streaked, Sonja Kristina had just returned from a bill-topping Curved Air tour of Germany the day that we met in her London PR's ...

Daevid Allen, Faust, Gong, Mike Oldfield: Virgin Records' First-Ever Releases: Mike Oldfield, Daevid Allen & Gong, Faust

Report by Ed Jones, Cracker, June 1973

AT 18, RICHARD BRANSON STARTED a nationwide magazine called Student, from a basement in Connaught Square, London. Realising that literacy was a faltering skill among ...

Status Quo: The Empire, Edinburgh

Live Review by Ed Jones, Cracker, October 1973

FOR A KICKOFF, let's get one thing straight: Status Quo's popularity depends not at all on critical approval or otherwise. Their audience at The Empire ...

Wizzard On Tour: Where’s The Backpipes?

Report and Interview by Ed Jones, Cracker, October 1973

THE ACREAGE OF FADED DENIM at the Edinburgh University Student centre of a Friday night is truly staggering. Staggering too are the majority of the ...

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