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Music & Sound Output

Music & Sound Output was a monthly magazine published in Long Island, New York, between 1979 and 1989.

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Interview by Richard Gehr, Music & Sound Output, September 1988

LARS ULRICH has recently risen from the sleep, dreamless or otherwise, of the very successful. His band, billed fourth (between Led Zep wannaboys Kingdom Come ...

Joan Jett: Her Life Was Saved By Rock & Roll

Interview by Richard Gehr, Music & Sound Output, July 1988

IT FIGURES THAT JOAN JETT WOULD BE A BALTIMORE ORIOLES FAN. Like the Orioles, the three-chord rock’n’roll she’s purveyed for more than a decade has ...

Captain Beefheart

Interview by John Morthland, Music & Sound Output, May 1981

IN 12 ALBUMS SPREAD out over 13 years, Captain Beefheart has created a body of work that breaks most every rule in American music and ...

The Memphis Horns: All The Way From Memphis

Interview by Robert Gordon, Music & Sound Output, December 1988

The Memphis Horns Celebrate 25 Years ...

Carly Simon

Interview by James Hunter, Music & Sound Output, January 1984

CARLY SIMON talks a relaxed, slyly attentive kind of talk, zeroing in on a particular point as instinctively as she watches evasive moods and emotions ...

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