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Animal Change — Full Story

Report and Interview by Richard Green, Record Mirror, 15 May 1965

WHILE ALAN Price was relaxing at home in Newcastle, Dave Rowberry, the man who is taking his place with the Animals, was working hard rehearsing ...

All About The World's Greatest Pop Show: 1966 NME Concert Mightiest Ever!

Live Review by Keith Altham, Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 6 May 1966

THOUSANDS upon thousands of fans converging on the massive Wembley Empire Pool for the biggest pop show in the world on Sunday... the staggering, the ...

Rik Gunnell: The Man Behind Fame and Farlowe

Interview by Richard Green, Record Mirror, 30 July 1966

AND IN THE beginning there was Georgie Fame. At least, that more or less how it was for Rik Gunnell. Disregarding the seventh day of ...

Alan Price: 'Lili' Is A Fun Tune

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 5 August 1966

HAVING proved that it takes a worried man to sing a worried song with 'I Put A Spell On You', Alan Price has accomplished a ...

Georgie Fame, Chris Farlowe, Alan Price Set, Geno Washington, Zoot Money: Winter Gardens, Bournemouth

Live Review by Alan Walsh, Melody Maker, 13 August 1966

THE COUNTRY is due for one of the most powerful package shows ever staged this Autumn, judging by the "pilot run" of the Fame-Farlowe concert ...

Dusty Springfield, The Alan Price Set, Dave Berry, The Fortunes: Finsbury Park Astoria, London

Live Review by Nick Jones, Melody Maker, 8 October 1966

THE DUSTY Springfield tour opened last Tuesday at London's Finsbury Park Astoria with Dave Berry and the Fortunes filling the large gap vacated by the ...

Singles from the Who, Otis Redding, Small Faces, Lorraine Ellison and more

Review by Penny Valentine, Disc and Music Echo, 12 November 1966


Pink Floyd, Paul Jones, Alan Price, Chris Farlowe, Peter and Gordon, Jackie Trent: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 17 December 1966

A MARATHON four-hour show in aid of Oxfam was held at London's Royal Albert Hall on Monday and featured an all-star cast. ...

Beatle Blind Date: Paul McCartney reviews the new pop singles

Review by uncredited writer, Melody Maker, 25 February 1967

LEE DORSEY: 'Rain Rain Go Away' (Stateside) Lee Dorsey. It's in the same old vein and it'll be a hit. Sometimes I wonder if he ...

Alan Price: Klooks Kleek, London

Live Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 18 March 1967

ALAN PRICE and his amazing dancing band blew up a storm at Klooks Kleek on Tuesday last week, and an all-star turn-out joined in for ...

The Beach Boys, Small Faces, Dusty Springfield et al: NME Poll Winners Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley, London

Live Review by Keith Altham, Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 13 May 1967


Alan Price: 'Jack' a Now or Never Hit

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 19 August 1967

"IT WAS really a question of now or never," was how Alan Price referred to his composition 'The House That Jack Built', over lunch in ...

Gladys Knight & the Pips, Alan Price Set: Saville Theatre, London

Live Review by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, 9 December 1967

Alan Price and Gladys Knight & the Pips — Saville triumph ...

Alan Price: Fought Back

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 10 February 1968

THERE ARE few people in pop who deserve as much respect as that truculent Geordie with the big baby face, who speaks through his nose ...

Alan Price, Georgie Fame: Royal Festival Hall, London

Live Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 19 December 1970

An evening of Pricey nostalgia ...

Price and Fame: The Name Game

Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 10 April 1971

THERE I WAS sitting interviewing Messrs Fame and Price — or should it be Price and Fame — when this lady walks into the room. ...

Alan White: Alan The Thump And Funk Man

Interview by Danny Holloway, Sounds, 6 November 1971

SINCE HIS appearance with John Lennon in Toronto as part of the Plastic Ono Band, Alan White has had a hectic and enjoyable career over ...

Alan Price: That Lucky Old Price

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 22 September 1973

THERE'S still much of the flat cap rocker about Alan Price. At his best he's a kind of cross between Randy Newman and Jackie Charlton ...

Alan Price: O Lucky Man! and This Price Is Right

Review by John Morthland, Phonograph Record, October 1973

ABOUT THE ONLY thing these two albums have in common is that they show a remarkable number of influences absorbed by Alan Price. After that, ...

Alan Price: Price Cuts

Interview by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 23 March 1974

IN A ROCK world where folk tend to babble nonsense at the drop of a hat, blither platitudes, and indulge in half-baked philosophising, it is ...

Alan Price: Performing Price

Review by Chas de Whalley, New Musical Express, 24 January 1976

SINCE HE split with The Animals and the Rock 'n' Roll mainstream to home in on the craftsmanship of Randy Newman, Price's career has seen ...

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