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Animals, The

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Animals: Sure, We're Really Animals!

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express Summer Special, Summer 1966

THE TITLE 'ANIMALS' was given to the group by Radio Caroline chief Ronan O'Reilly, who felt it summed up the group's wild attitude to rhythm-and-blues ...

Animal Tracks - Newcastle's Brand Of Powerhouse Blues

Retrospective by Tom Hibbert, History of Rock, The, 1982

In 1963, the northern beat boom was being answered further south by a trend, centred on London, towards a more aggressive R&B: the sort of ...


Eric Burdon on the Animals (1990)

Interview by Steve Roeser, Rock's Backpages Audio, 15 June 1990

Head zoo-keeper Burdon talks about the Animals, the personalities, the splits, growing up in Newcastle, and about coming up and out of the '60s R&B boom.

File format: mp3; file size: 85.7mb, interview length: 1h 33' 34" sound quality: ***


The Animals: The Animals (Columbia)

Review by Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 14 November 1964


The Animals: Animals In America

Report and Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 5 February 1965

ERIC BURDON v. Cassius Clay might sound like an unlikely title bout but Eric informs me that it was almost reality when the Animals were ...

The Animals: The Flamingo Club, London

Live Review by uncredited writer, Record Mirror, 6 March 1965

THE ANIMALS claim not to have played to much less than capacity crowds since Christmas and at Soho Flamingo last week they pulled over a ...

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones et al: NME Poll Winners' Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley, London

Live Review by Keith Altham, Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 16 April 1965


Eric Burdon, Animal Trainer

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 30 April 1965

CLAD in a black track suit, zippered to the neck, and still wearing his carpet slippers, the chunky figure of Eric Burdon lay writhing on ...

Animal Change — Full Story

Report and Interview by Richard Green, Record Mirror, 15 May 1965

WHILE ALAN Price was relaxing at home in Newcastle, Dave Rowberry, the man who is taking his place with the Animals, was working hard rehearsing ...

Bird's-eye view of Burdon: The Animal Instinct

Interview by Dawn James, Rave, July 1965

By Dawn James, RAVE bird who gives you her written impression of Eric Burdon — the Animal nobody can ignore. ...

A Few Roars from the Newest Animal

Interview by Nick Jones, Melody Maker, 24 July 1965

'Get Dave' said Eric — and I was in! ...

John Steel — The Forgotten Animal

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 30 July 1965

JOHN STEEL is a very rare Animal. Seldom seen with the pack (Messrs. Rowberry, Chandler, Burdon and Valentine) and seldom heard. He remains the background ...

The Animals: Eric Burdon Turns Author

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 13 August 1965

STAND by for Eric Burdon, author. I've just been going over some of the roughs that Eric is preparing for his first book (publisher wanted). ...

Wild Richmond Festival — and Meeting Two Unexpected Guests

Live Review by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 13 August 1965

FROM A STEEL tower out in the middle of Richmond Athletic Ground the anxious voice of an American cameraman crackled through a walkie-talkie set held ...

The Animals, Georgie Fame, the Who, the Yardbirds, Spencer Davis et al: Fifth National Jazz and Blues Festival, Richmond

Live Review by Richard Green, Record Mirror, 14 August 1965


The Animals, The Rolling Stones: English Artists Find 'Soul' Music Is More Than Skin Deep

Report and Interview by Louise Criscione, KRLA Beat, 4 September 1965

THE SOUL of today's music, the place "where it's at" is rhythm and blues. The type of music, this "soul", has been around the U.S. ...

Stones Take Over!

Report by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 10 September 1965

ON THE TV monitor was Andrew Oldham, clad in bobcat waistcoat, miming to Cher's voice singing "I don't care if your hair's too long" and ...

The Animals: Animals Want to Wax a 'New Tracks' EP

Report and Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 5 November 1965

I PICKED up Eric Burdon at the BBC Maida Vale studios at 11 last Friday morning. ...

The Animals: Hell-Raisers Of Pop

Report by Keith Altham, New Musical Express Annual, December 1965

"THE HELL-RAISERS have all disappeared" mourned a leading national showbusiness reporter some months ago. All I can say is that he has obviously not met ...

On Christmas Eve... RSG Goes Out of its Mind!

Report by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 24 December 1965

Reports KEITH ALTHAM who previews the show ...

The Animals: Animals Took Liberty With Prison Song

Report and Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 25 February 1966

"WE TOOK A terrible liberty with 'Inside Looking Out'," admits Eric Burdon. "It's the first number we've recorded without a tune. It originates from a ...


Essay by Paul Williams, Crawdaddy!, March 1966

ROCK 'N' ROLL songs, according to a joke now about ten years old, have three types of lyrics: a) I love my baby, b) my ...

Eric Burdon & Scott Engel: Scott Smarts After Burdon's JBJ Slamming

Report and Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 11 March 1966

AN INTENSE person, who is over sensitive to criticism of his work, I found Scott Engel (Walker) more than a little irked by Eric Burdon's ...

The Animals: Animalisms (Decca) ****

Review by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 20 May 1966


The Animals: Animalisms (Decca)

Review by Richard Green, Record Mirror, 21 May 1966


The Animals: Could 'Don't Bring Me Down' Be Last Animals' Disc?

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 10 June 1966

Out of chaos came their 'best technical' recording, but Keith Altham gets a feeling – quite unofficial – that it might be, but hopes it ...

Insight: Chas Chandler

Interview by Bill Harry, Record Mirror, 16 July 1966

I TRY TO be as basically honest as I can be... but because of the business I have to tell some lies and I always ...

Chaos At The Airport — Animals Join Herman

Report by Carol Deck, KRLA Beat, 23 July 1966

IT LOOKED for sure like we'd lost Herman this time, but somehow he really did make it on the plane and then who should join ...

Hit Parader's Letter From London

Column by Miranda Ward, Hit Parader, October 1966

A FEW WEEKS ago when I met the KINKS for a drink, PETE QUAIFE ruined my stockings! The pub was crowded and in the crush ...

The Animals, Chris Farlowe, Georgie Fame, Geno Washington, Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Finsbury Park Astoria, London

Live Review by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 28 October 1966

Eric Burdon Beats The Hecklers! Geno An Earthquake ! ...

The Animals: Burdon's New Animals Not Set Yet

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 4 November 1966

SPEAKING this week to Eric Burdon, that well-known "Freak-about-town" (since "Freak-out" music is having a considerable influence on our Animal), he revealed to me that ...

The Animals: Eric Burdon Meets New Lennon And Harrison

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 3 December 1966

EVERYONE is talking about the new Animals. But few have spared a thought for the new Eric Burdon with "bluesynite," the wonder ingredient which enables ...

New Albums from the Doors, Country Joe & the Fish et al

Review by Loraine Alterman, Detroit Free Press, 28 May 1967

The Doors: A Fascinating New West Coast Sound ...

Keith Altham Planes West to Cover America's Monterey Pop Festival and Cables This Day-By-Day Report

Report by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 24 June 1967

WE DROVE to London Airport in Animal manager Mike Jeffery's Rolls-Royce while he dictated a few last minute instructions to assistant Tony Garland — "Ring ...

Monterey Pop Festival: The Hip Homunculus

Report by Richard Goldstein, Village Voice, The, 29 June 1967

"The West is the best: Get here and we'll do the rest!" — The Doors ...

New Singles from the Stones, Monkees, Jimi Hendrix et al

Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 19 August 1967


The Animals: Question Time With....Eric Burdon

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 30 September 1967

IT SHOULD, OF course, be Eric Burdon and the "anything but the Animals," because this new group has about as much connection with the original ...

Eric Burdon & The Animals with Zoot Money: The Revolution, London

Live Review by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 1 June 1968


Eric Burdon and Zoot Money

Interview by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 1 June 1968

ERIC BURDON belongs to a fast vanishing breed. He is the last of the outspoken men of Pop, and the Animals are the last of ...

Jefferson Airplane et al: Newport Pop Festival, Orange County Fairgrounds CA

Live Review by Ann Moses, New Musical Express, 17 August 1968


The Rascals, Eric Burdon & the Animals, Tommy James and the Shondells: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Ann Moses, New Musical Express, 31 August 1968


The Newport Pop Festival: Two Days of Surprises, Flowers, Cream Pies... and Super Sounds!

Live Review by Carol Deck, Flip, December 1968

THE ONLY THING really wrong with the Newport Pop Festival held recently in Orange Country, Calif, was that it wasn't in Monterey. ...

The Animals, Canned Heat and Guess Who albums

Review by Dave Marsh, Creem, March 1971

The Animals With Eric Burdon: In The Beginning (Wand) Canned Heat: Live At Topanga Corral (Wand) Guess Who: Shakin' All Over (Scepter) ...

Chas Chandler: Slade Driver

Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 7 October 1972

Chris Charlesworth talks to CHAS CHANDLER, ex-docker, ex-Animal, ex-manager of Jimi Hendrix and now manager of Britain's hottest band, Slade ...

Herman's Hermits: Their Greatest Hits; The Animals: Best Of The Animals

Review by Greg Shaw, Phonograph Record, October 1973

YOU KNOW WHAT? People got me all wrong. They think I'm a fanatic for reissues, getting up on my soapbox each time a new one ...

Eric Discovers America

Profile and Interview by Greg Shaw, Phonograph Record, 1 March 1974

Eric Burdon Returns To The Musical Arena ...

The Animals: Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted (United Artists)

Review by Simon Frith, Rolling Stone, 10 October 1977

LONG-DEAD GROUPS usually come back for commercial reasons – individual careers are slipping, the musicians are no longer recognized in the streets – and the ...

The Animals

Interview by Jeff Tamarkin, Goldmine, 1 October 1983

Goldmine: What was the impetus behind this reunion album and tour? The last time the original group was together was for the 1977 album, Before ...

Obituary: Chas Chandler

Obituary by Keith Altham, MOJO, September 1996

Eric Burdon had the temerity to scribble the new loggia he’d designed for the Animals all over my virginal blotter. Bass player Chas caught my ...

Grim Reporter - July 2003

Obituary by Phast Phreddie Patterson, Rock's Backpages, July 2003

Phast Phreddie Patterson on those gone but not forgotten ...

Eric Burdon's Good Intentions (Don't Let Them be Misunderstood!)

Interview by Bill Wasserzieher, Blues Revue, May 2006

THERE'S NO ESCAPING the formative years. Just ask Eric Burdon. As an 11-year-old, he had an audience with Louis Armstrong. Three years later, he helped ...

Beach Boys, Animals return to Washington older, but no worse for wear

Report by Charles Bermant, Crosscut, 15 July 2011

NOSTALGIA FOR THE 1960s isn't what it used to be. This summer's concert schedule has only a smattering of golden era bands who try hard, ...

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