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Bobby Womack: Gettin' To It

Profile and Interview by Steven Rosen, Music World, April 1973

BOBBY WOMACK HAS been making music for twenty long years, an odyssey that carried him from the working quarters of Cleveland to the rocking corners ...

Bobby Womack: Live at the Dallas Arcadia

Live Review by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, 21 September 1985

"BLACK MUSIC is being broken down. It's no longer black music. This is not a discussion or argument...what I'm saying is that it's a reaffirmation ...


Bobby Womack (1976)

Interview by Cliff White, Rock's Backpages Audio, 10 March 1976

After running down Ace's 'How Long' on guitar and offering a post mortem on his British stage debut, the great soul singer-songwriter recalls writing for wicked Wilson Pickett, confesses to hating his recent Safety Zone album, and reminisces about playing with white musicians at Muscle Shoals...

File format: mp3; file size: 58.9mb, interview length: 1h 01' 24" sound quality: ***

Bobby Womack (1984)

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages Audio, 20 September 1984

The great soul man looks back at his illustrious career: the Valentinos; his mentor Sam Cooke; playing gospel and on the gospel greats; his own recordings and being in the studios with many others; songwriting and much more.

File format: mp3; file size: 58.7mb, interview length: 1h 04' 04" sound quality: **/***

Bobby Womack on Jim Ford (2005)

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages Audio, 6 June 2005

The Last Soul Man talks about his friend and collaborator Jim Ford: being introduced by Ford to Sly Stone, such great songs as 'Harry Hippie' and 'Point Of No Return', and writing songs with the man.

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Bobby Womack

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, August 1970

OUTSIDE OF the States, Bobby Womack does not really mean a great deal. On listening to his current American album, My Prescription, this is indeed ...

Bobby Womack: Communication (United Artists)

Review by Colman Andrews, Phonograph Record, January 1972

I'VE MET Bobby Womack a couple of times, more or less interviewed him, written things about him, etc. He's so strong and sure that he ...

The Stark Soul of Bobby Womack

Essay by Colman Andrews, Phonograph Record, April 1972

A NEW WOMACK record is at hand. So what? the more unenlightened among you might ask. So plenty, now that you mention it. Plenty and then ...

Bobby Womack

Report and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, June 1972

"I'M FINALLY going to make it to Europe," an overjoyed Bobby Womack yelled over the phone to me! "My agent just told me that there's ...

Bobby Womack: Preacher Bobby's Hour-Long Sermon

Interview by Robin Katz, Disc, 7 October 1972

YOU JUST CAN'T talk to Bobby Womack. Don't misunderstand. It's not that this man doesn't have a thing to say, quite the contrary. ...

Bobby Womack: Understanding (United Artists)

Review by Loraine Alterman, New York Times, The, 22 October 1972

ALTHOUGH HE'S one of the most respected rhythm 'n' blues guitarist/songwriters, Bobby Womack hasn't yet hit the big time the way an Isaac Hayes or ...

Understanding Bobby Womack

Interview by Steven Rosen, Los Angeles Free Press, February 1973

TWELVE YEARS AGO Bobby Womack migrated to California, looking for the riches that he thought were there. "I came out here like the pioneers searching ...

Bobby Womack Looks Back

Memoir by uncredited writer, Phonograph Record, April 1974

Bobby Womack's latest hit is called ‘Lookin' For a Love’. By no coincidence, that was also the title of his first hit single, on Sam ...

Bobby Womack: I Can Understand It

Review by Bob Fisher, New Musical Express, 22 February 1975

CALLED IN America Greatest Hits, this album simply illustrates the unsatisfactory position that Bobby Womack finds himself in in England. Hitless. ...

Now Look Here! This is Bobby Womack

Interview by Barbara Charone, Sounds, 14 June 1975

BOBBY WOMACK is confused. Suffering from an overdose of in-the-studio-excitement and jet lag, he sits on the bed of his hotel room cubicle at Blake's, ...

Bobby Womack - I Don't Know What The World Is Coming To

Review by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, 26 July 1975

FROM 1964, FOLLOWING the death of his mentor Sam Cooke, to 1969, when he finally began to record under his own name, Bobby Womack was ...

A Documented History of Bobby Womack

Memoir by uncredited writer, Phonograph Record, November 1975

HE'S WRITTEN hits for Rod Stewart, the Rolling Stones, Wilson Pickett and the J. Geils Band. He's played on countless sessions from Aretha Franklin to ...

Bobby Womack: Safety First

Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 27 December 1975

BOBBY WOMACK is the kind of guy who lights up a room when he enters, and this suite in the Plaza Hotel is no exception. ...

Bobby Womack

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, March 1976

ROOT-RAPPIN? Whassat? Well, it's like this...John Abbey got to talking with Bobby and the conversation drifted to his very early days – his roots! ...

The Temptations, Donna Summer, Bobby Womack, Archie Bell & the Drells: Radio City Music Hall, New York City

Live Review by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 6 March 1976

NEW YORK: A four-act show always runs the risk of dragging, even when the organisation is as meticulous as it was last Saturday at the ...

Bobby Womack: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Vivien Goldman, Sounds, 13 March 1976

THIS MUST RANK as the most Perplexing gig I've ever seen. All I was left with at the end was a burning desire to rush ...

Bobby Womack: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Rob Partridge, Melody Maker, 13 March 1976

Womack: it's all over now ...

Bobby Womack: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 20 March 1976

POLE-AXED BY SKIN-CRAWLING hot and cold flushes, with a head full of demented panel-beaters, the last thing I wanted to do was travel 50 miles ...

BLAM! Bobby Womack Calls The Shots

Interview by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 27 March 1976

CLIFF WHITE hits the floor and runs the tape as the soul veteran pulls the trigger. ...

Bobby Womack: Safety Zone

Review by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 27 March 1976

IF YOU WANT to do Bobby Womack a favour, you'll ignore this album. ...

Bobby Womack: That's All Y'All

Interview by Vivien Goldman, Sounds, 27 March 1976

2010 note: this is the copy as printed. There is a section of text missing (possibly due to subediting error). This is marked by *** ...

Bobby Womack

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, April 1976

...AAH, WHERE were we now? Oh, yeah, Bobby and the Valentinos had just got to their first real hit with 'It's All Over Now' on ...

Bobby Womack Sings Through Clenched Teeth

Interview by Mick Brown, Street Life, 3 April 1976

IT PROMISED to be, in that time-honoured cliche of showbusiness hyperbole, a 'star-studded occasion'. His publicist said Bobby Womack would be dropping off in the ...

B.W. Goes C&W (United Artists)

Review by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 11 September 1976

RECORDED BEFORE Safety Zone last year, this is the set that Bobby had intended to call Black In The Saddle. UA wouldn't release it at ...

Bobby Womack

Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, December 1976

Bobby's now with Columbia Records and he's brim full of confidence to conquer the world. An' the good news for U.K. fans is that he's ...

Bobby Womack: Home Is Where The Heart Is (Columbia)****

Review by Vivien Goldman, Sounds, 18 December 1976

WHEN BOBBY's excursion into country'n'western finally made it into the racks this summer, his long-cherished project met with mixed reviews. ...

Soul Survivors

Review by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 12 February 1977

Bobby Womack: Home Is Where The Heart Is (CBS)Jerry Butler: Suite For The Single Girl (Motown) ...

Bobby Womack: Bobby Sox It To Ya

Interview by Robin Katz, Record Mirror, 26 February 1977

"HELLO LONDON, it's Bobby Womack on the line." Hello Bobby, you friendly soul. How good to hear your voice again. ...

Bobby Womack: Roads Of Life (Arista)

Review by Pete Wingfield, Melody Maker, 26 May 1979

THE FORTUNES of gravel-voiced soul vet Bobby Womack have taken a dip of late. ...

Marshall Crenshaw: Channel Boston; Bobby Womack: Berklee Performance Center, Boston

Live Review by Jim Sullivan, Boston Globe, The, 2 March 1982

MARSHALL CRENSHAW is a believer. A guitarist and singer who draws from the classic, lean rock 'n' roll of the late-'50s and mid-'60s, he believes ...

Bobby Womack: The Poet (Beverly Glen Music) ***½

Review by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, 13 May 1982

ORIGINALLY A protégé of Sam Cooke, Bobby Womack is a gritty-voiced soul singer who has written a wealth of terrific songs, including 'It's All Over ...

Bobby Womack: The Poet (Tamla Motown)/Ashford & Simpson: Street Opera (Capitol)

Review by Barney Hoskyns, New Musical Express, 26 June 1982

TWO SOUL products from the mainstream, one of which, The Poet, has been on import since last year, the other being the latest album from ...

Bobby Womack: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Simon Frith, Observer, The, 1984

FOR THE last couple of weeks, London theatres have been filled (or should have been) with British pop musicians taking tips from their American masters. ...

Bobby Womack: The Poet II (Beverly Glen import)

Review by Richard Cook, New Musical Express, 24 March 1984

AN OLD-FASHIONED man in the midst of a booming, disordered black music, Bobby Womack's journeyman career comes to a glorious peak with The Poet II. ...

Bobby Womack: A New Hit Proves It's Not Over Yet For The Man Who Wrote 'It's All Over Now'

Interview by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, 21 June 1984

LOS ANGELES — Bobby Womack is happy. The forty-year-old singer currently finds himself with a hit album (The Poet II) and single ('Love Has Finally ...

Bobby Womack: The Poet II (Beverly Glen)

Review by J.D. Considine, Record, July 1984

NOMINALLY A sequel to 1981's The Poet, this is less a second helping of that album's personal expressiveness than a second side of Bobby Womack. ...

Bobby Womack: Something Special (Liberty/EMI)

Review by Gavin Martin, New Musical Express, 29 September 1984

ONE OF soul music's great iconclasts, recently repopularised and rediscovered with his two Poet sets, Bobby Womack's marvellous legacy from the late '60s and early ...

Bobby Womack: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Paolo Hewitt, New Musical Express, 6 October 1984

YEARS AGO when Bobby Womack bought his raw but stylised music to this same venue it was more a case of disintegration than any cause ...

Bobby Womack: Poetry in Motion

Interview by Lynden Barber, Melody Maker, 6 October 1984

Lynden Barber puts a face to the music of BOBBY WOMACK, a genuine soul legend who remains virtually unknown to the majority of the Great ...

Bobby Womack: The Last Great Soul Man

Profile and Interview by Barney Hoskyns, New Musical Express, 6 October 1984

Who's that stepping briefly into the limo – and life of – Bobby Womack? Why, it's blushing Barney Hoskyns, who, in the next 5,000 words, ...

Bobby Womack: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Mat Snow, New Musical Express, 1985

HE CAME to paaaarteee, and he came to prove it all night. ...

Bobby Womack: Someday We'll All Be Free (Beverly Glen); Womack & Womack: Radio M.U.S.C. Man (Elektra)

Review by J.D. Considine, Musician, September 1985

GREAT SINGING is its own reward, and that's particularly true of the Womacks, Bobby, Cecil and Linda. Their voices carry not only the experience of ...

Bobby Womack: So Many Rivers (MCA)

Review by Brian Case, Melody Maker, 14 September 1985

IS BOBBY Womack, in the words of his song, the only survivor left standing here? Soul has suffered a death rate comparable with early bebop, ...

Bobby Womack: The Great Provider

Interview by Paolo Hewitt, New Musical Express, 28 September 1985

"They call me a living legend/But I'm just a soldier who's been left behind/And now my heart can't take it/My feet won't make it/I'm the ...

Bobby Womack: One More River Crossed

Report and Interview by Hugh Fielder, Sounds, 12 October 1985

Big 'Mack tells his survival story to HUGH FIELDER. ...

Bobby Womack: Testament of a preacher man

Interview by Mick Brown, Guardian, The, 12 October 1985

FOR ANYBODY remotely interested in black music, past and present; in the continuity between the halcyon days of rhythm and blues and church music and ...

Bobby Womack: So Many Rivers (MCA); Someday We'll All Be Free (Beverly Glen); Womack and Womack: Radio M.U.S.C. Man (Elektra)

Review by Davitt Sigerson, Rolling Stone, 5 December 1985

THESE THREE records from the illustrious Womack clan — two from Bobby and one from brother Cecil and wife Linda (daughter of Sam Cooke and ...

Bobby Womack: Womagic

Review by Barney Hoskyns, New Musical Express, 6 December 1986

BOBBY WOMACK's second album for MCA sees him reunited with Chips Moman, the Memphis producer who has spent the last decade cutting country records in ...

Bobby Womack: The Mystery Man

Profile and Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, Q, March 1987

NEW YORK CITY 1985. The Rolling Stones are holed up in the studio cutting tracks for Dirty Work, their first album under their new deal ...

Doin’ It His Own Way: Bobby Womack

Sleeve and programme notes by Barney Hoskyns, 'Womack Winners', 1989

WHEN BOBBY WOMACK called his seventeenth solo album The Last Soul Man and set out on 1987’s quasi-missionary tour of the same name, he was ...

10 Questions for Bobby Womack

Interview by Ben Edmonds, MOJO, July 1998

What were you up to in the studio last night? ...

Rae & Christian

Profile and Interview by Bill Brewster, Big Issue, The, 2001

A PAIR OF bespectacled northerners sits opposite me. If you were to formulate a picture in your mind of what hip hop producers might look ...

Damon Albarn: "I'm Sort Of English Melancholy"

Interview by Stephen Dalton, Quietus, The, 27 March 2012

With an upcoming Blur show and a number of albums set for release in the coming months, Damon Albarn's 2012 looks set to be as ...

Bobby Womack: The Bravest Man In The Universe

Review by Wyndham Wallace,, June 2012

THEY'RE CALLING IT a masterpiece. That's the way when these beloved legends come in from the cold: so welcome is their return that weaknesses are ...

Bobby Womack: The Soundtrack of My Life

Interview by Jude Rogers, Observer, The, 25 November 2012

BOBBY WOMACK'S career began in his teens in Cleveland, Ohio, when Sam Cooke mentored his family band, the Valentinos. In 1964 he wrote 'It's All ...

Bobby Womack: Forum, London

Live Review by Dorian Lynskey, Guardian, The, 26 November 2012

YOU WAIT YEARS for a Bobby Womack show, and two turn up at once. Unfortunately, that is not as good as it sounds. The 68-year-old ...

Bobby Womack: Soul Survivor

Report and Interview by Mick Brown, Daily Telegraph, 17 July 2013

Revered soul singer Bobby Womack has weathered a life filled with tragedy and misfortune. Ahead of his performance at Latitude Festival, he talks to Mick ...

Bobby Womack: Save The Children (Solar)

Sleeve and programme notes by Bob Fisher, unpublished, June 2014

WHEN BOBBY WOMACK died on June 27th, 2014, at the age of 70, he was one of the last links to the world of '60s ...

It's All Over Now: Remembering Bobby Womack

Memoir by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, June 2014

[This is the original – and very slightly different – version of a piece that appeared in the Observer on 29 June, 2014.] ...

Richard Russell: Rich Pickings

Interview by Jamie Atkins, Record Collector, March 2018

As Richard Russell's collaborative album, Everything Is Recorded, is released, RC's Jamie Atkins meets him to talk about the recording and the music that led ...

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