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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: American Dream

Review by Tom Hibbert, Q, December 1988

It has been suggested that this LP is the result of the compassion of Graham Nash, Stephen Stills and Neil Young–a bid to keep their ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young: Auburn, Washington, July 27th 2006

Live Review by Charles Bermant, Rock's Backpages, 15 August 2006

"Do you think there are any Republicans here?" We are on the queue for Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's Freedom of Speech show, and the ...

Audio interviews

Graham Nash (1981)

Interview by James Johnson, Rock's Backpages audio, September 1981

The sweet-voiced Mancunian on his relationship with the Hollies and their reunion; meeting Stills and Crosby and the start of that whole thing; his relationship with Joni Mitchell, and his new healthy lifestyle!

File format: mp3; file size: 17.8mb, interview length: 19' 25" sound quality: ****

CSNY's Stephen Stills and Neil Young (1999)

Interview by Adam Sweeting, Rock's Backpages audio, 18 October 1999

Together again to promote the new CSNY album Looking Forward, Messrs. Stills and Young enthuse about making the record, putting a band together to tour, the state of Crosby, and their relationship then and now. They also look back at their time together in Buffalo Springfield, spinning yarns and tall tales.

File format: mp3; file size: 37.9mb, interview length: 39' 29" sound quality: ****

Joni Mitchell (1983)

Interview by Dave Zimmer, Rock's Backpages audio, February 1983

Joni talks about the Canyon scene: the people, her house, what it was like; she talks about playing the coffee house circuit in New York, and meeting David Crosby; leaving New York for Los Angeles; Crosby producing her first album; meeting the foppishly dressed Graham Nash; and Crosby, Stills & Nash getting together; she then talks about not getting to Woodstock, and subsequently writing the song.

File format: mp3; file size: 26.8mb; Interview length: 27' 54"; sound quality: **

Stephen Stills (1979)

Interview by Dave Zimmer, Rock's Backpages audio, 20 February 1979

Stills discusses his current road band and what material he’ll be playing on tour; his current solo album Thoroughfare Gap; his musical background; moving to New York from the south, then moving to the Los Angeles and forming Buffalo Springfield; Crosby, Stills & Nash and learning how to produce; Neil Young joining the trio to make CSNY; the hit that was ‘For What It’s Worth’ and its politics; moving to England and buying Ringo Starr’s house; the crazy times and the drinking; his unhappiness with the Stills-Young tour and album; his film and acting ambitions; and the music he currently likes (the Knack) and dislikes (punk rock).

File format: mp3; file size: 98.5mb, interview length: 1h 42' 34" sound quality: ***

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Book Excerpt by Mick Gold, 'Rock on the Road' (Futura), 1976

THE IDEA OF doing a book of photo-essays about live music was sparked by a desire to examine two areas: what the job of being ...

Joni Mitchell, James Taylor et al: The Pop Aristocrats

Overview by Caroline Boucher, Disc and Music Echo, 20 March 1971

There's a new pop elite in America today, a closely-knit group of singers and musicians who have taken the music scene by storm. The members ...

Graham Nash (2016) [transcript]

Audio transcript of interview by Adam Sweeting, Rock's Backpages transcripts, 8 March 2016

This is a transcription of Adam's audio interview with Graham. Listen to the audio of this interview. ...

David Crosby: An Interview

Interview by Johnny Black, unpublished, 22 February 1989

INTERVIEW CONDUCTED in the Halcyon Hotel, Holland Park, London, 22.2.89. Crosby casual in jumper, white shirt and slacks. Seriously overweight and often short of breath, ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: The MOJO Interview

Interview by Dave DiMartino, MOJO, November 1999

David is chatting on his earphone, Steve is resting between rounds of golf in Monaco, Graham is boating in Hawaii, and Neil is relaxing down ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: 4 Way Street (Double set Atlantic De Luxe 2657 004)

Review by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, 15 May 1971

It's a night with C,S,N&Y ...

CSNY release American Dream

Report and Interview by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, 1 December 1988

First studio album since Déjà Vu ...

David Crosby with Carl Gottlieb: Long Time Gone (Doubleday)

Book Review by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, 1 December 1988

DAVID CROSBY'S autobiography, Long Time Gone, provides a gripping, sometimes terrifying portrait of a rock stars personal and professional decline through drug addiction. As an ...

Graham Nash

Interview by Adrian Deevoy, Mail On Sunday, 21 July 2018

Graham Nash reveals why he's dating a woman half his age after turning his back on his wife, drugs AND his former bandmates ...

Keith Richard on Mick, Beatles, Led, Faith, Tull, Gees

Interview by Ritchie Yorke, New Musical Express, 6 December 1969

THE NEWS that the Rolling Stones have resumed personal appearances must have gladdened the hearts of pop fans everywhere. The Stones always were the most ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Déjà Vu (Atlantic); John Sebastian: John B. Sebastian (Reprise)

Review by Philip Elwood, The San Francisco Examiner, 16 March 1970

Compatible Pair of LPs By Sebastian and CSN&Y ...

Elliot Mazer, 1941-2021

Interview by Harvey Kubernik, Rock's Backpages, February 2021

ELLIOT MAZER, the recording engineer and record producer who worked with Kenny Burrell, Chubby Checker, Maynard Ferguson, Richie Havens, Janis Joplin, Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, ...

Neil Young: Against the Tide

Retrospective and Interview by Mark Cooper, Observer Music Monthly, 11 October 2008

Charles Manson, the Iraq war, a near fatal aneurysm: Neil Young has spent five decades fighting anything foolish enough to get in his way. On ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Joy of Cooking, Cold Blood, Lamb: Winterland, San Francisco CA

Live Review by Philip Elwood, The San Francisco Examiner, 14 November 1969

In Style and Skill CSN&Y Riding High ...

Graham Nash: Song of a Simple Man

Interview by Geoffrey Cannon, Melody Maker, 9 November 1970

Update, 2020. I paid no attention to Graham Nash or to his band the Hollies, the close-harmony Manchester band formed in 1962 inspired by the ...

Various artists: Woodstock (Atlantic: 2663 001)

Review by Geoffrey Cannon, The Guardian, 17 July 1970

Update, 2020. Woodstock. The name has many meanings. There's Woodstock the town where Bob Dylan and the Band lived once. But the main resonance is ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Nash — The Broadest Grin

Interview by Peter Jones, Record Mirror, 3 January 1970

HEADLINES SCREAMED: "Hollies split" — and it turned out that it was Graham Nash who had actually left. That was all. But the cynics decided ...

Stills Life

Report and Interview by Geoffrey Cannon, Melody Maker, 28 November 1970

A portrait of a rock giant... at work on his solo LP and at home in his English country house ...

Woodstock (Import Cotillion SD3-500)

Review by Rob Partridge, Record Mirror, 4 July 1970


Genius, Hard Work and Steve Stills

Interview by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, 28 February 1970

GENIUS, SAYS the old adage, is an infinite capacity for taking pains. If that's so, then Stephen Stills must be pretty close to it. ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: CSNY 1974

Review by Jamie Atkins, Record Collector, September 2014

CSNY'S 1974 reunion has long been synonymous with the start of an age of the worst kind of rock'n'roll excess; 30 shows, masterminded by Bill ...

This is David Geffen, by Gentlemen's Agreement Manager to the Superstars

Interview by Roy Carr, New Musical Express, 22 July 1972

Will CSN&Y ever re-unite and find true happiness? ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Winterland, San Francisco CA

Live Review by Wayne Robins, The Berkeley Barb, 21 November 1969

CROSBY STILLS Nash and Young are good enough to make you glad that Buffalo Springfield couldn't hack it. The dynamic one-two punch of that group, ...

Crosby Stills Nash & Young: Are We in Tune? No

Essay by Geoffrey Cannon, The Guardian, 10 January 1970

Author's note, 2018: The review below was cut by the Guardian. What's here is uncut. Who plays Crosby Stills Nash (and Young) albums now or, ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash Fantastically Together

Report by June Harris, New Musical Express, 27 September 1969

CROSBY, Stills, Nash and Young arrived in New York last week for performances at the Fillmore East. Needless to say, all four shows resulted in ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Déjà Vu Live

Review by Jaan Uhelszki, Uncut, October 2008

Military madness! Live album, to accompany documentary film. ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Fillmore East, New York NY

Live Review by June Harris, New Musical Express, 4 October 1969

THE START of this week's column should be called the continuing story of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I know that from the English point ...

David Browne: Fire And Rain: The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, CSNY and the Lost Story Of 1970 (Da Capo)

Book Review by Rob Young, The Word, June 2011

AROUND 15 MAY 1970, Neil Young glanced at Time magazine's coverage of the killing of four students at Kent State, grabbed a guitar and within ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Déjà Vu (Atlantic 2401001)

Review by uncredited writer, Record Mirror, 30 May 1970

A BEAUTIFULLY produced album. All the immaculate four-part harmonies, pretty guitar parts and relevant arranging are there. ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 17 January 1970

CROSBY, STILLS, Nash, Young and Old gave a lengthy and often enjoyable concert at London's Royal Albert Hall last week. The "Old" was the age ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Olympia Stadium, Detroit; Hair: Vest Pocket Theater, Detroit

Live Review by Mike Gormley, Detroit Free Press, 16 June 1970

2 Happenings Make Exciting Weekend ...

CSN&Y '74: A Long Long Time Ago

Film/DVD/TV Review by Simon Warner, Rock's Backpages, 12 February 2010

TO USE THE phrase deja vu in the opening sentence of a reflection on Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young runs the serious risk of incarceration ...

Messrs Crosby Stills and Nash Enlarge the Company

Interview by Royston Eldridge, Melody Maker, 9 August 1969

CROSBY, STILLS and Nash are no longer just the ex-Byrd, ex-Buffalo Springfield and former Hollie supergroup. They've added new partners to the rock band with ...

5.1 Way Street: Graham Nash

Interview by Mike Mettler, Sound + Vision, April 2002

"I TEND TO GET carried away with technology," admits Graham Nash, one-third of the sweet harmonic equation that comprises the signature sound of Crosby, Stills ...

Still politically outspoken, CSNY brings its message to L.A.

Report and Interview by Fred Shuster, Los Angeles Daily News, 26 July 2006

AGE IS SUPPOSED to make you more accepting. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young apparently didn't get the memo. ...

Joni and the Laurel Canyon Mob

Comment by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, 18 September 1971

SO YOU wanna be a rock and roll star, right? Well, our advice is to head out Laurel Canyon way. Take a tip from one ...

Wild Tales: A Candid Conversation with Graham Nash

Interview by Bill DeYoung, Goldmine, 16 January 2009

"I knew that I would have to spend years with these guys" – Graham Nash  ...

Deja Vu All Over Again: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reuniting for a new album and their first tour in 25 years

Report and Interview by Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle, 9 October 1999

"CSNY2K'' IS coming. The title for the 41-city Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young tour that starts in January may seem obvious, but it did give ...

CS&N (&Y)

Interview by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, 9 August 1969

I THOUGHT I'D be hearing a good old north country accent when I picked up the phone, but Graham Nash, it seems, is now forbidden ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Richard Green, New Musical Express, 10 January 1970


CSNY 1974: An Interview with Graham Nash

Interview by Harvey Kubernik, Rock's Backpages, July 2014

DAVID CROSBY, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young release their CSNY 1974 boxed set from their historic 1974 tour on July 8th. The forty previously ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale

Live Review by Kandia Crazy Horse, PopMatters, 1 May 2002

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This tour journal is the last testament of the lost expedition of Mayfair. Last reported near the Grand Canyon, the members of the ...

CSN&Y: Nash: We May Fight, But Music Wins...

Interview by Vicki Wickham, Melody Maker, 20 June 1970

CROSBY, STILLS, NASH and YOUNG finished their week-long, triumphant stint at the New York Fillmore and were joined for a huge celebration party at the ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Fillmore East, New York NY

Live Review by Vicki Wickham, Melody Maker, 13 June 1970

Flowerpower returns to the Fillmore ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: So Far

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 7 September 1974

Gormlessly groping ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Four Way Street (Atlantic)

Review by Penny Valentine, Sounds, 1 May 1971

I HAVE to admit at the start of this review that I'm generally not over keen on live recordings. Although occasionally they show that an ...

CSN&Y Reunion

Report and Interview by Barbara Charone, Zoo World, 25 April 1974

CHICAGO – "Welcome American Dairymen" reads the hotel lobby marquee and beneath it in smaller letters, "Welcome Stephen Stills Group." Upstairs overlooking the city in ...

Graham Nash: The Winds Of Change

Interview by Dave Zimmer, BAM, 1 February 1980

INTEGRITY, MORE than any other word seems to define what Graham Nash is all about. ...

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Fillmore East, New York NY

Live Review by Mike Jahn, The New York Times, 21 September 1969

COAST ROCK GROUP AT FILLMORE EAST. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Offer 2 Concerts in Debut ...

Stephen Stills Carries On

Interview by Dave Zimmer, BAM, 6 April 1979

LOS ANGELES – Ambitious, blunt but expressive, forceful, aggressive when the occasion requires it, capable of manic dedication and drive towards work and life goals...a ...

Shakey: Neil Young's biography by Jimmy McDonough

Book Review by Adam Sweeting, Uncut, September 2002

MOST ROCK stars realise they need to plug the new album and stir up column inches when concert tickets go on sale, but eventually it ...

David Crosby

Profile by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 19 April 1975

IT STARTED with trademark objects, really. When The Byrds got their hit with 'Mr Tambourine Man', Jim McGuinn established himself as the one with those ...

Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Retrospective and Interview by Rob Hughes, Uncut, March 2002

LONDON: DECEMBER, 1968. Moscow Road, Bayswater, just off the rowdy casbah din of Queensway with its hippie boutiques, bars, restaurants, buzzing crowds. There are three ...

Who the hell does David Crosby think he is?

Interview by Tom Hibbert, Q, May 1989

THE AGING MUSICIAN sits in his hotel room, an acoustic guitar propped upon his considerable paunch. He tosses back his long, greying hair, fingers his ...

Crosby Stills Nash and Young: Looking Forward in Y2K

Interview by Debbie Kruger, unpublished, 1999

GRAHAM NASH IS by nature an ebullient man, but maybe this time he went too far. Such was the anticipation of the long-awaited new Crosby ...

CSNY: Rockin' in the free world

Live Review by Charles Bermant, Rolling Stone Online, 4 February 2000

DURING THE INTERMISSION at Wednesday's Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young performance, Susan Nash turned Portland's Rose Quarter into a birthday tribute to her husband. She ...

Crosby Stills Nash & Young: Love The One You're With!

Report and Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 10 August 1974

MILE HIGH STADIUM, as the name implies, is 1,760 yards high. That's a mile above sea level, but even so it sits at the foot ...

Mel Bush: The Man Who Hired The World

Book Excerpt by Mick Gold, Rock On The Road (Futura), April 1976

A PROMOTER IS THE middleman between a musician and an audience. A promoter hires a venue, books an act, organises the publicity, is responsible for ...

CSN&Y: Euphoric Acoustic Good Guys Hit The Dylan Trail

Interview by Barbara Charone, New Musical Express, 16 March 1974

"WELCOME AMERICAN Dairymen" read the hotel display-board and beneath it, in smaller letters, "Welcome Stephen Stills Group". Upstairs, overlooking Chicago in just another hotel room, ...

Crosby Stills Nash & Young: "Deja Vu Again"

Interview by Adam Sweeting, The Guardian, 29 October 1999

THERE'S NO MISTAKING the portly middle-aged man with the walrus moustache beached on a sofa at the Dorchester hotel, plucking the chords of Neil Young's ...

Crosby and Nash: Rocky & Bullwinkle In Marin County

Interview by Jaan Uhelszki, Creem, February 1976

Ring! Brring! Ring! ...

Stills and Young

Interview by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, 10 January 1970

"DON'T BUILD me up into a pop star. I'm no different from you or anybody else. It's just that, because I'm a musician, I can ...

A Stadium Fulla People An' Neil Young's Dog An' No Fist Fights

Report and Interview by Barbara Charone, New Musical Express, 3 August 1974

TIME DOES indeed fade away. Four years and lots of solo albums later, 52,000 fans are sitting in the Milwaukee baseball stadium on a Sunday ...

Four Way Street Revisited... CSNY Revisited

Report and Interview by Barbara Charone, Sounds, 22 May 1976

How Steve Stills learned to stop worrying about his own solo career and appreciate Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. A case of deja vu for ...

CSN&Y: By The Time We Got Through Neasden...

Live Review by Barbara Charone, Sounds, 21 September 1974

EVERYONE had their doubts. Throughout the daylong musical orgy of all 72,000 paying customers sat in nervous anticipation, enjoying the exceptionally fine music and the ...

Crosby Stills Nash and Young: American Dream

Review by Anthony DeCurtis, Rolling Stone, 12 January 1989

American Dream fades out on the line "Why not keep on singing anyway?" – and that lackadaisical slogan seems to sum up the spirit in ...

Crosby Stills Nash & Young: In The Reaches of Laurel Canyon

Interview by Ritchie Yorke, Fusion, 28 November 1969

RITCHIE YORKE visited Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young "in the reaches of Laurel Canyon". At the beglnnlng of his interview he reported a feeling he ...

CSNY: Flying Freely

Report and Interview by Lenny Kaye, Circus, March 1970

THORNTON WILDER once wrote a book called The Bridge at San Luis Rey, where he followed back the lives of the victims of a bridge ...

Alive, Well & Together: Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Report and Interview by uncredited writer, Beat Instrumental, July 1970

LONDON is getting warmer, and the nights longer, and the sound of winter doesn’t even echo anymore. And though it’s not tranquility, it’s an atmosphere ...

CSNY: Graham Nash & David Crosby

Profile and Interview by Steve Turner, New Musical Express, 1 November 1975

It’s hard to pin down the seventies. We're already half-way through and still there’s no significant characteristic about which we’ll be able to reminisce in ...

CSNY: Love The Ones You're With

Profile by Barney Hoskyns, GQ, April 2000

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young - the ultimate rock supergroup - have been through the wars since first teaming up in 1969. Now the Woodstock ...

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