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Photo: Gered Mankowitz, 1986

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Eurythmics: Be Yourself Tonight (RCA)

Review by Adam Sweeting, Melody Maker, 4 May 1985

AMONG their assimilations, borrowings and treatments, Eurythmics remain outsiders. "I'm a looker, a viewer of things," said Annie Lennox. Their Sweet Dreams album nailed the ...


Eurythmics' Annie Lennox (1983)

Interview by Max Bell, Rock's Backpages Audio, August 1983

The Eurythmics' front woman covers subjects from veganism to feminism, via marriage, class, the nature of success, and anything else she can think of.

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We're Not Tourists, We Live Here

Interview by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, 7 March 1981

HUNCHED OVER scrambled eggs in his mother's airy flat, Dave Stewart looks more like the late John Lennon than the D'Artagnan-style dandy familiar from The ...

Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Review by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, 5 February 1983

WHEN ANNIE LENNOX and Dave Stewart opened for Roxy's 'comeback' as two-fifths of The Tourists, I thought there was definitely something there, but I never ...


Interview by Dave Rimmer, Smash Hits, 3 March 1983

Most electronic duos seem to have hits instantly. Not so Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox. Dave Rimmer finds out why it's taken them so long. ...


Interview by Johnny Black, Smash Hits, 9 June 1983

I ARRIVE, two hours late, outside a church in North London. I push open the huge wooden door and find myself being smiled at by ...

U2/Simple Minds/Eurythmics/Steel Pulse/Perfect Crime/Big Country: Phoenix Park, Dublin

Live Review by Jack Barron, Sounds, 20 August 1983

DATELINE DUBLIN: 3.30am Monday. There will no doubt be some measured reports of U2's home-coming gig. But I really hate measured reports. ...

U2, Simple Minds, Eurythmics, Big Country, Steel Pulse: A Day At The Racecourse

Report by Dave Rimmer, Smash Hits, 1 September 1983

A long, hot, emotional day it was too. Dublin's Phoenix Park throws open its gates to U2, Simple Minds, Eurythmics, Big Country and about 20,000 ...

Annie Lennox: MaSQUERaDE!

Interview by Max Bell, Face, The, October 1983

THE EURYTHMICS used to rehearse in a room above a picture framers in Camden Town. Now, with money in the bank and record sales approaching ...

Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams And Constant Friction

Interview by Jim Sullivan, Record, October 1983

BOSTON — "WE are not your average rock 'n' roll band," says Annie Lennox very deliberately, very seriously. This is the first thing out of ...


Interview by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, 8 October 1983

Stroud Green Road is one of London's more depressing thoroughfares. Noisy, dirty and deprived, it looks as if the buildings which line this lead-perfumed thruway ...

The Tube: Ready... Steady... Um...

Report by Helen Fitzgerald, Melody Maker, 5 November 1983

Helen FitzGerald has a nightmare... and finds herself at the first night of THE TUBE. ...

Eurythmics: 1984: For The Love of Big Brother (Virgin)

Review by Don Watson, New Musical Express, 17 November 1984

WAR IS Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength and this soundtrack LP with the logo of Radford's 1984 on its cover is not the ...

C'est Eurythmics N'est Pas?

Interview by Neil Tennant, Smash Hits, 28 March 1985

Of course it is, mes petits choux-choux. And they're in Paris (hence the Eiffel Tower — trés brilliant, non?). Annie and Dave are making un ...

Eurythmics: 1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother) (RCA)

Review by Richard C. Walls, Creem, April 1985

IRONY BUFFS might have felt a twinge of interest recently when the Eurythmics' 'Sexcrime' was being banned in various quarters. In Orwell's 1984 the word ...

Eurythmics: The Ministry Of Truth

Interview by Adam Sweeting, Melody Maker, 4 May 1985

AMONG THE CRASH of crockery and the hubbub of tea-slurping customers, Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox sit unobtrusively at a table in the Waldorf Hotel. ...

Eurythmics: Be Yourself Tonight (RCA — CD)

Review by Roy Trakin, Musician, July 1985

PERHAPS THE title is meant to be ironic, for Annie "Zelig" Lennox is one pop chameleon who adapts to her surroundings. ...

Eurythmics: Be Yourself Tonight (RCA)

Review by Jeffrey Morgan, Creem, September 1985


Eurythmics: Revenge

Review by Biba Kopf, New Musical Express, 5 July 1986

THEY PICK dreams like they were pockets, these market research trained thieves, respray them in glitter and, even before the paint's properly dry, they're selling ...

Eurythmics: Revenge (RCA PL71050)

Review by Betty Page, Record Mirror, 5 July 1986

I HOPE I won't hove to eat my words again, because Be Yourself Tonight did not impress me initially, and took months to worm its ...

"I Am Not The Androgynous Annie Lennox. I Never Was. I Used It For Something Else"

Profile and Interview by Adam Sweeting, Guardian, The, 26 November 1986

The Eurythmics Leading lady talks to Adam Sweeting about her life, her music and her image. ...

Eurythmics: Revenge

Review by Ira Robbins, Creem, December 1986

I CAN VAGUELY recall learning something in high, school biology, an explanation why molecular goosh flows out of, rather than into, an amoeba under certain ...

The Man Most Likely To: Dave Stewart

Profile and Interview by Adam Sweeting, Q, February 1987

THE MATCHING PAIR of black and white Mercedes limousines nose, cautiously down the narrow street, unearthly craft looking for a landing space in the Milan ...

Annie Lennox: Just Think...

Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, February 1988

...about the group she formed with the acid-drenched folk-strumming minstrel who proposed to her in a vegetarian restaurant. And the calamitous demise. And the legal ...

Eurythmics: Savage

Review by Bud Scoppa, Creem, April 1988

SINCE 1980, when they left the Tourists to become a duo, Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox – a.k.a. the Eurythmics – have displayed an intriguing ...

Eurythmics: We Too Are One

Review by Mark Cooper, Q, October 1989

Eurythmics: the kind of sadness that can't shed tears ...

Eurythmics: Greatest Hits

Review by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, April 1991

WHEN IT COMES to a "Dadodadodadodado" there's never been one to match the start of Eurythmics' only British Number 1, 'There Must Be An Angel ...

Annie Lennox: Hmm... What Rhymes with "Angst"?

Profile and Interview by Mat Snow, Q, May 1991

Her career has not been what she would call a bed of roses. For Annie Lennox, more like a diary of private nightmares played out ...

Annie Lennox: Front Woman

Interview by Mac Randall, Musician, March 1993

CONGRATULATIONS ON your Grammy nominations. Are you making any bets on how you'll do? ...


Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Los Angeles Times, 1999

First they were lovers. Then they created one of the great pop groups of the ’80s. Then they didn’t exchange a word for four years... ...

Sweet Dreams Again: After a Decade Apart, Annie Lennox and David Stewart are Eurythmics Once More

Report and Interview by Jim Sullivan, Boston Globe, The, 17 October 1999

NEW YORK – Annie Lennox and David Stewart – former lovers, forever the best of friends, and once again musical collaborators – share a couch ...

Eurythmics: The Power Of Two

Interview by Bill DeMain, Performing Songwriter, January 2006

WHEN DAVE Stewart and Annie Lennox formed Eurythmics in 1980, they drew up what they called "a manifesto." A list of their intentions, along with ...

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