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Jefferson Starship

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Jefferson Starship: Central Park, NYC

Live Review by Mitchell Cohen, Phonograph Record, June 1975

THEY MAY HAVE changed their surname, but Jefferson Starship have arrived at a conciliatory relationship with their past, and with mixed results. With Marty Balin ...

Up The Revolution? F**k The Revolution!

Review and Interview by Tom Hibbert, MOJO, October 1994

PLANEBRANES. THAT'S WHAT obsessive aficionados of Jefferson Airplane and all that venerable group's offshoots – Jefferson Starship, Starship (two different enterprises, confusingly enough), Mickey Thomas's ...


Jefferson Starship (1974)

Interview by Jim Esposito, Rock's Backpages Audio, November 1974

Grace Slick and pals talk about getting the band together, recording Dragon Fly and being on the road, plus stuff about their individual musical histories.

File format: mp3; in 6 parts, total file sizes: 100.2mb, total interview length: 1h 49' 29" sound quality: ***


The Rock Lovers

Report and Interview by Stephen Demorest, Circus, February 1974

Being a rock star has its advantages, but the spotlight is usually only big enough for one person. Circus took a behind stage look at ...

Jefferson Starship: Academy of Music, New York NY

Live Review by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 13 April 1974

Jefferson Starship in orbit ...

Grace Slick Talks

Interview by Rob Bowman, ZigZag, October 1974

Grace Slick, over the last ten years, has attained great notoriety fronting Jefferson Airplane. ...

Jefferson Starship: Dragonfly

Review by Jonh Ingham, New Musical Express, 30 November 1974

HONESTLY, HAVING even to think about Jeff Airplane/ Starship/whatever these days is getting to be a bore. ...

Jefferson Starship: Slow Orbiting

Interview by Jim Esposito, Zoo World, 19 December 1974

THE JEFFERSON Starship didn't hit Texas in a blaze of glory, they infiltrated it, with what had to be the most leisurely national tour by ...

Jefferson Starship: Dragon Fly

Review by Bud Scoppa, Rolling Stone, 2 January 1975

FOR SEVERAL YEARS, the nucleus of the Airplane/Starship has been struggling to hold together a concept that didn't seem workable in the first place. The ...

Jefferson Starship: Marty Balin Returns To The Fold

Interview by Todd Everett, Phonograph Record, May 1975

THE EXCITEMENT around the Airplane Mansion is real. It's in the very woodwork of this huge home in a once-fashionable section of San Francisco, where ...

Jefferson Starship: Take Me To Your Leader

Report and Interview by Jim Esposito, Creem, September 1975

"GET ME A blonde wig," says Gracie Slick over the background noise of traffic down Broadway and 52nd Street in Fun City. ...

Grateful Dead, Jefferson Starship: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Live Review by Todd Everett, Phonograph Record, November 1975

Reunion in the Park: The Dead & The Starship Back To Basics ...

Jefferson Starship: Spitfire

Review by Mick Farren, New Musical Express, 17 July 1976

IT WAS FUNNY, though, wasn't it? ...

Jefferson Starship: Starship's Enterprise

Interview by Harvey Kubernik, Melody Maker, 24 July 1976

ONE BY ONE the group drifts into Wally Heider's recording studio for a mixing session. Marty Balin is absent but his presence fills the air. ...

Skate Board Grounds the Starship

Report by Mick Farren, New Musical Express, 18 September 1976

I WAS WOKEN up by the phone. I had some trouble working out where I was. It took a few seconds to realise that I ...

Jefferson Starship's Paul Kantner

Interview by Ian Birch, ZigZag, November 1976

LIKE A KANTNER COMPOSITION, this interview was virtually plucked out of the air. I was all set to leave San Francisco but, knowing the Jefferson ...

Grace Slick Interviewed: Grass, Acid And The Starship

Interview by Jim Esposito, Oui, February 1977

GRACE SLICK, the original Acid Queen, was born Grace Wing October 30th, 1939, in Chicago, Illinois. Her father was an investment banker. Her mother, a ...

Rock Stars Talk Back

Comment by Susan Whitall, Creem, May 1977

Dozens listen. ...

Grace Slick's Superstarship

Report and Interview by Miles, New Musical Express, 17 June 1978

Planet minders turn platinum miners ...

Starship Aim To Stay On Course

Report and Interview by David Hancock, Evening News, London, 24 June 1978

FOR MANY fans the most disappointing news today is that legendary rock singer Grace Slick will not perform with the Jefferson Starship. ...

Aynsley Dunbar: Let There Be Drums!

Interview by Howie Klein, BAM, 16 February 1979

SAN FRANCISCO – Within the world of rock and roll there are certain performers whose distinctive virtuosity transcend their individual works recorded with a particular ...

"Sometimes The Cards Ain't Worth A Dime... If You Don't Lay 'Em Down": The Robert Hunter Interview #2

Interview by Ken Hunt, Dark Star, August 1980

Dark Star: David Grisman and Vassar Clements were beefing on once about the fact that they never got any money from Old And In The ...

Grace Slick: Making Her Own Dreams

Interview by Dave Zimmer, BAM, 1 August 1980

MILL VALLEY – "I can't do anything middle of the road. My music is either very polite, with classical instruments, or, its rude and offensive." ...

"Sometimes The Cards Ain't Worth A Dime... If You Don't Lay 'Em Down": The Robert Hunter Interview #3

Interview by Ken Hunt, Dark Star, December 1980

HOW DID you come to get involved with Roadhog? As far as I can tell, they were an existing band. ...

Hard Pop, Suburban Rock

Report by J.D. Considine, Musician, October 1981

Band like REO, Styx and Journey have taken the details of the rock sound and made the medium the whole message, capitalizing on the rock ...

Jefferson Starship: Return of The Band That Will Not Die

Report and Interview by Dave Zimmer, Creem, November 1981

YOU CAN'T last any longer than the Jefferson Starship, a band that's been at the top of the charts with regularity since, unbelievably, 1966. ...

Jefferson Starship: The Starship Strikes Back

Profile and Interview by Dave Zimmer, BAM, 11 December 1985

"Say ya don't know me?Or recognize my face?...Don't you remember?We built this city on rock and roll!"– from 'We Built This City'by Bernie Taupin, Martin ...

Pete Sears

Retrospective and Interview by Phil McMullen, Ptolemaic Terrascope, 1995

BASS GUITARIST and keyboard player Pete Sears occupies what I believe to be a unique position amongst Terrascope interviewees to date, his career having begun ...

Revisiting the Summer of Love

Report by Charles Bermant, Rock's Backpages, October 2007

Things aren't what they used to be, but they never were in the first place ...

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